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Clayfield - Round 9 - Novell

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Last time Roux finally married his long-time ladyfriend Lucy and started Clayfield High School. Lucy got cured from being a witch and she quickly bonded with Roux's daughter Dona.

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Well, I guess you could call this exercising, too?

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Off to SG Gym, which is right around the corner from their house.

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Bubble got into fight with a stray cat.

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Yay for genie lamp!

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Roux took a nice stroll around town and went to the post office to send a birthday care to one of his relatives.

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He also visited the cemetery and bought a candle for his kitty's grave.

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Kurt's family came to visit.

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Dona is bonding with her niece, who's just few years younger than she is.

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And there was a good reason for Kurt's visit! It's Dona's birthday!

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Her aspiration is

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Ida asked Roux for an outing.

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It was an interesting mix of sims: three townies, Ida and her husband Lars, and Nitro.

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Umm.. I don't think so.

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She asked for money.

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Lucy is having fun with the radio-control Mara xD

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And now, off to school! First we visit the Elementary School.

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Even the teachers are having fun here ;D

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Dona had a blind date with Ivar, but although they do have two bolts, he didn't want anything to do with her. :P

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Fred, a TC resident was more interested in her.

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Best Expressions Ever xD

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They had a nice time.

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Ida brought the lamest outing gift ever :D

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 photo ScreenShot11252.jpg
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Gosh, how I love to take pictures at the school. ;)

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New class photos!

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There's quite the collection of them already!

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Gee, thanks Fred!

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Oh crapola... It was because of the money wish!

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 photo ScreenShot11276.jpg
 photo ScreenShot11277.jpg
 photo ScreenShot11278.jpg

Elfy lost the fight :P

And now, let's to check out the High School!

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Plenty of first kisses going on..

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It's already rank 5! The teens seem to really enjoy going to this school. :)

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There's two classes, and Roux is the teacher for both of them. He really needs to hire another teacher! :P

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At the end of the round they donated money for the Orphanage and the Teen Center.

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