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Clayfield - Round 9 - Kershaw

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Last time Audra dropped off college after failing with her studies. She married Jesse, who was a dormie living next door.

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Oh no.. :(

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But first, Audra went to the recycling center to buy some baby supplies.

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Pop #1

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They are living in the same apartment building as Kurt and Ruth.

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Kurt is excited to be an uncle. :)

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He won!

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Because of his gambling trait, Jesse likes to spend time at Marylena's bar playing poker.

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Pop #2

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Audra is having a tough pregnancy.

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And on top of it all, she got pneumonia (ROS). :(

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So Jesse took her to the hospital.

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There she went into labor...

 photo ScreenShot11051.jpg birth to baby Jasper.

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Audra was healed after eating some healing soup at the hospital.

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While his wife was away, Jesse spent time fixing things around the house and playing chess.

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And of course, gambling at the bar.

 photo ScreenShot11062.jpg

No thanks!
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Finally at home with the baby.

 photo ScreenShot11064.jpg

Jasper grew up.

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I think they are trying for baby #2.

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 photo ScreenShot11073.jpg

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