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Clayfield - Round 9 - Novell II

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Last time Pollyanna had to spent some time at the hospital, while Andre was busy taking care of the kids and running his business. After returning home Polly grew another plantbaby called Forest, Rocky started college and Chyna became an adult and moved out.

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First, let's take a look at the paintings Polly bought from Galen's gallery. :)

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Being a plantbaby is easy, all you pretty much need is a toddler pool to make them happy. ;)

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Andre decided to buy a bigger car.

 photo ScreenShot10967.jpg

He hired Jay to work as a restocker.

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Polly became friends with a stray cat and adopted her.

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Flora is making new friends.

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Andre and Flora had some father-daughter time at the science center.

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They wanted to have a tent.

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Time to get a bird.

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Forest became a plant child.

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Nashira and Howard are going to have a kitten. :)

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Andre bought a vacation lot from Three Lakes.

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Flora grew up to a Popularity/Knowledge teen.

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Flora enjoys sleeping in the tent.

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Polly maxed her cooking.

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Forest is already talking about going to college. :D

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Flora wanted to buy a telescope.

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 photo ScreenShot11006.jpg

Nashira gave birth to a female kitten called Snuggles.

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 photo ScreenShot11008.jpg

More kittens!

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 photo ScreenShot11011.jpg

Snuggles grew up to be an interesting looking cat.

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Flora has already recieved several scholarships.

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