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Clayfield - Round 9 - Thackray

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Last time Nitro moved in with the family and he got engaged and married with Marylena. The twins grew up to teens, Nitro started running the Clayfield post office and Marylena grew up to an elder.

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Nitro decided to buy a car.

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The post office is doing pretty good.

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Nitro hired Noria, Zoran Never's fiancé to work as a restocker.

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Korey is collecting alien related stuff.

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But his mom doesn't like it.

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Marylena was about to keel over because of heat stroke.

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The twins want to go out with someone.

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Noria agreed to work at the post office for now, but she clearly has some attitude problems with it.

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Stop it, Nitro! She's a teenager!

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Marylena heard rumors about a burglar sneaking around the hood.

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Brother Andre came to visit.

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Talking about his nephew's future, I see.

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Korey went out with Isilme.

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Sunday went to visit the science center and check out other teens.

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Three bolts!

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 photo ScreenShot10890.jpg

Jager left shortly after agreeing to go on a date. :P

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Sunday also liked the dormie who works as a cafeteria worker.

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Roux was there, too. He was pleased to see his granddaughter.

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She doesn't seem to be settled with Nitro, either...

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So she invited over a customer of hers.

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Sunny came home from school in the middle of everything.

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One night at the bar, Ed and Joelle started kissing autonomously!

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Hello ACR...

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They hired Ida to clean the house.

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And then, Sunny grew up to an adult.

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She also decided to start running her own game bar in Downtown.

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Korey grew up to young adult.

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He chose art as his major.

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Sunny agreed to look after the post office as Nitro was delivering mail.

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Stripe sent someone a crank letter. :D

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One day, Marylena decided to ask Damani over. She felt that there's still a spark between them.

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LOL! And it looks like Nitro is as oblivious as Morty about Honeybear...

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Yes, what did I tell you?

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Marylena maxed her cooking skills.

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That night at the bar, she invited her townie lover over.
And I totally forgot his name. :P

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That wasn't clearly enough... Because soon Damani came over.

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Nope Roux... Your daughter is not woohooing in public.

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She's impossible.

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Look at Roux's face in the background..

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The bar reached level 5.

 photo ScreenShot10949.jpg
 photo ScreenShot10950.jpg

They seem to want to start dating more.

 photo ScreenShot10951.jpg

And look, there's Damani's second lover Honeybear. :D

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 photo ScreenShot10954.jpg

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 photo ScreenShot10956.jpg
 photo ScreenShot10957.jpg

And then, Elfy won the burglar again!

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Game notes:
- At the end of the round Marylena and Nitro moved into a small apartment, Korey moved to the campus and Sunday moved to Clayton Village to be close to her business on the Downtown area.
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