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Clayfield - Round 9 - Mifsud III

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Last time Connor grew up to a child, Marie gave birth to baby girl Keighley and she also spent a good amount of time at her mother-in-law's games arcade. Galen was busy painting and selling his artwork.

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The family moved to another apartment building. It's the same where Rocky Troii and Galen's brother Devon live with their families.

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Galen's gallery is doing pretty good, even though his paintings are marked as expensive.

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They also bought a vacation home from Three Lakes.

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Marie told Honeybear, how busy Galen was painting and selling his work. She seemed pleased.

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She still keeps spending time and money at the arcade.

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Marie ACR'd her way pregnant. Again.

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They bought a chess table from the science center.

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Keighley grew up!

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This is what her grandparents gave her.

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A little makeover.

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Connor wanted to learn anger management. :D

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Time to teenify!
His aspiration is Family/Romance.

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Pop #1

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I don't think you need another vacation home, dear.

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Baby time!

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It's a boy called Clinton. He inherited grandma Honeybear's eyes!

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PT <3

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