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Clayfield - Round 9 - Mifsud II

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Last time Finley grew up to a teen, Avery became a child and Lush and Devon were busy making another baby. Later Lush gave birth to baby Jason and they adopted a stray bulldog called Patches.

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Lush is busy with the kids and her business.

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They keep giving bad makeovers.

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They also moved to the same apartment building where Rocky is living with his family.

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Finley grew up to a adult.

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Her fifth and final trait.

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 photo ScreenShot10746.jpg
 photo ScreenShot10749.jpg

Maybe baldness will become a trend? Let's hope so, Korey. :D

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Birthday time for Jason!

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Grandpa Morty gave him these presents. :)

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 photo ScreenShot10758.jpg
 photo ScreenShot10759.jpg

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Since Devon has a high interest on food, he wanted to start his own little diner.

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It's actually the same lot that once belonged to Stripe Troii. Now, it's selling fast food.

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 photo ScreenShot10771.jpg
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These keep amusing me :D

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Finally Dorris gained a silver badge! I swear, it takes forever to do that with the makeover station :P

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Don't you look pretty, Morty!

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Finley went on a blind date with Rich Bigfoot, who she has two bolts with.

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And soon ACR completely took over.

 photo ScreenShot10788.jpg

 photo ScreenShot10789.jpg

They probably will continue dating from now on.

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And then, Avery became a teen.
Her aspiration is Knowledge/Grilled Cheese and LTW is to have 20 best friends.

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Rich brought Finley a very expensive date gift.

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And then, the burglar came to visit.

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 photo ScreenShot10798.jpg
 photo ScreenShot10799.jpg
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Luckily Elfy was succesfull capturing her.

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At the end of the round Finley moved to Clayton Village and rented a room from the Petrillo's.

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