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Clayfield - Round 9 - Mifsud

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Last time Hubert grew up to a child, Morty became an elder and Honeybear started her second business, the games arcade. She also started having an affair also with Damani LeCreuset, the Teen Center social worker. Morty adopted a stray chihuahua called Digit.

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To fulfill this round's ROS, they went to Three Lakes.

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Honey is pretty clear about what she wants..

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No-one is surprised here.

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LOL, I guess she's secretly afraid of Harry, too? :D

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All in all, they had a good time going camping.

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Back at home, Ivar is growing up to be quite the ladies man.

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She asked Damani out on a date.

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Yeah... Now her son knows.

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Jay and Ainslee fell in love with each other. Or I think that's Ainslee...I can never remember which is which!

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Honey met Sal Petrillo and surprise surprise, they have three bolts.

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Hubert keeps selling juice and making friends. How adorable <3

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Honeybear hired her granddaughter Finley to work at the electronics store.

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Oh my goodness, Morty is actually best friends with Damani! Oh, the irony.

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Wow, he has three bolts with Adele!

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Some warmer clothes for Hubert.

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Who is she booty calling?

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First, Damani.

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And then, Albie.

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And she doesn't want to stop there.

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Someone is still kicking trashcans. :P

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And poor Morty is still as oblivious as ever.

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Honey hired Ivar to work as a restocker.

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And she laid off Elvis, who's just about to grow into an adult anyway.

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Finley is working as a cashier now.

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She promoted Finley to be the manager.

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Digit and Belina are having some issues from time to time.

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Morty still works as financial advisor.

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Hubert grew up and his aspiration is Popularity/Fortune.

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It's tough being a teenager.

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What!? Hands off, Lily! He's only a teen!
(They must have three bolts, since teen-adult interactions are disabled on ACR!)

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He's actually not far from fulfilling this want.

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Dam da daa... And he still doesn't get it!

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What's with these sims!? They keep wanting to get married to married sims!

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