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Clayfield - Round 9 - DeCarlo II

 photo ScreenShot10597_1.jpg

Earlier this round Lily DeCarlo moved to Clayton Village to live with her brother, Joe and his family. She later decided to move to a farming area to fulfill her plantsim-self better and start her own business.

 photo ScreenShot10595.jpg
 photo ScreenShot10596.jpg

After moving to her own little house, Lily went shopping and to meet some of the other residents in town.

 photo ScreenShot10597.jpg
 photo ScreenShot10598.jpg
 photo ScreenShot10599.jpg

She also bought some furniture from the recycling center.

 photo ScreenShot10600.jpg

I wonder why she bought toys?

 photo ScreenShot10601.jpg

 photo ScreenShot10602.jpg

She also took a loan and started a little sewing business in Downtown.

 photo ScreenShot10603.jpg
 photo ScreenShot10604.jpg
 photo ScreenShot10606.jpg

She wanted to grow a plantbaby, so here's little James DeCarlo.

 photo ScreenShot10607.jpg

 photo ScreenShot10611.jpg

 photo ScreenShot10608.jpg
 photo ScreenShot10609.jpg
 photo ScreenShot10610.jpg

She's working to have some teddybears, pot holders and other sewings for sale.

 photo ScreenShot10612.jpg
 photo ScreenShot10613.jpg
 photo ScreenShot10614.jpg
 photo ScreenShot10615.jpg
 photo ScreenShot10616.jpg

 photo ScreenShot10617.jpg

Lily also decided to start a little farmer's market in East Village, the farming part of Clayton Village.

 photo ScreenShot10618.jpg

She has a lot of work to do..

 photo ScreenShot10619.jpg
 photo ScreenShot10620.jpg
 photo ScreenShot10621.jpg

The business is open!

 photo ScreenShot10622.jpg
 photo ScreenShot10623.jpg
 photo ScreenShot10624.jpg
 photo ScreenShot10625.jpg

She also sells other hand crafted toys here.

 photo ScreenShot10626.jpg

 photo ScreenShot10627.jpg

 photo ScreenShot10628.jpg

 photo ScreenShot10629.jpg

While she is working, her cousin Adele is looking after James.

 photo ScreenShot10630.jpg
 photo ScreenShot10631.jpg
 photo ScreenShot10632.jpg
 photo ScreenShot10633.jpg

And now, time to grow up!

 photo ScreenShot10634.jpg

Since growing straight to adult seems cheaty to me, James grew up to a child.

 photo ScreenShot10635.jpg

 photo ScreenShot10636.jpg
 photo ScreenShot10637.jpg

He inherited his mom's skills and a bronze toymaking badge.

 photo ScreenShot10638.jpg

So now they can work together to grow delicious fresh vegetables and fruits to other residents in Clayton Village.

 photo ScreenShot10639.jpg

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