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Clayfield - Round 9 - DeCarlo-Petrillo

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Last time the family moved to Clayton Village, Joelle grew up to an adult and started running her business full time. Elvis grew up to a teen and Joe became an elder.

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This means, that there's now three new relatives living with the DeCarlo's!

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First, Joelle wanted to move back to Clayfield to live close to her business. She's now living in Johnny's B&B.

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First relative is Adele Petrillo, Joe's cousin.
Her aspiration is Romance/Family.

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This is Adele's husband, Salvador Petrillo.
He's a Romance/Popularity sim.

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And the third relative is Joe's little sister Lily, who is a plantsim.
Her aspiration is Popularity/Fortune.

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And this little guy is the Petrillo's bichon frisè, Leonardo.

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Okay...Some bonding with your nephew?

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Hilda and Leonardo's first meeting :)

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All of them have quite a lot of skills and badges already.

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Sal took a loan and bought a hairdressing shop in Clayton Village.

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They decided to have a family outing and go bowling.

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Back at home, Hilda and Leonardo are trying to have puppies!

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Lily is living a lonely life since most of the family members are working or at school during the day.

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Since she has a gold sewing badge, she decided to start working on some inventory for a future business.

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Elvis asked Sunday Thackray out.

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Lily decided to move to a farming area and live her plantsim life to the fullest.

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And Sal is going to work in his pj's...

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Their hairdressing shop, Pull Thine Hair, is very close to the train station.

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Their business is doing pretty good.

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Oh well, most of the time.

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Back at home Hilda is kicking Leo's butt for some reason. :P Pregnancy hormones?

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Opal, the social worker at the Orphanage keeps calling Joe.
They kissed autonomously earlier when I was playing with another family.

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Hilda gave birth to thee puppies: Ziggy, Denver and Fluffy.

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Opal came by one day while Joe was at the City Hall and they started flirting.

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He hired Ash to be the second waitress.

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I think he's starting to lose it... Running around the business in his pj's.

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I hope those styles are not becoming popular..

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The puppies grew up!

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They gave them up for adoption.

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Joe is really starting to warm up to dating again.

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Salvador and Adele decided to adopt a child from the orphanage.

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Here's little Prester Petrillo.

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Now they have someone to continue the family name after it's time for them to pass on.

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Joe asked Opal out.

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Oh wow, she's serious about him! Even though they have only 1 bolt!

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Sal managed to pay off some of his loan.

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And to my surprise, Joe wants also to get married to Opal. :)

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So next round, we'll going to have a wedding. :)

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Game notes:
- Adele and Lily are actually real family members of Joe. All three of them were born in my previous Legacy.
- Leonardo is made by Munchies at MTS.
- I've decided to turn the City Hall into a regular community lot because it just works best like that. There's also going to be some changes, like combining it with a court house. More info will come later.