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Clayfield - Round 9 - Never IV

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Last time Jam died due to ROS after giving birth to her second boy, Chance. Zoran got involved with a townie called Noria, who at the end of the round moved in. Zoran and Noria started going steady.

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A job for Noria.

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Noria is afraid of making a bigger commitment and Zoran wants to have another child.

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Cameron saw Bea Troii walking by and she told him how she took a train with her family from Clayton Village.

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ACR kicked in and Noria became pregnant. It looks like Zoran's wish is going to come true!

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Little Chance grew up.

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And look! Noria is actually prepared to have a baby!

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She spends her time burning food..

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...throwing up...

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...and writing a novel (ROS).

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Zoran is working to get some more inventory for his shop.

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Cameron grew up to a Popularity/Romance teen.

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LOL..his new trait.

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I thought Noria is the one who's pregnant? O.o

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Oh right, she is.

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It turns out that Cameron actually has two bolts with Finley, his best friend.

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 photo ScreenShot10423.jpg

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This is how her needs looked pretty much during her whole pregnancy.

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Zoran wants to hit it off with more sims.

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So they may not stay together for very long.

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Zoran hired Jeevika to work as a restocker.

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So he laid off his townie employee.

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Cameron got his first kiss with Katerina Pain, a TC resident who he has two bolts with.

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And she fell in love with him.

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Chance doesn't seem to care for his brother's date.

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POP #2

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I think so too. That's one big belly you got there! xD

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I wish you could get fast results in real life, too. :P

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Dance, Chance, dance! <3

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Excercising continues.

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And then, baby boy Evan was born. He took his mom's last name, Bhugwana.

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Yeah. NO!
(Although, with your lifestyle that may happen anyway)

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Noria finally finished her novel!

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The kids visited their neighbors, the Mifsud's.

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Noria doesn't quite know how to take care of her baby.

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And then Evan grew up! Those cheeks!

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Oh ou... roaches are taking over!

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 photo ScreenShot10468.jpg

Not another one?!

 photo ScreenShot10469.jpg

Oh wow, it looks like Zoran has changed his mind about commitment issues!

 photo ScreenShot10470.jpg

So why not, let's pop the question!

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And she didn't even have a nervous breakdown!

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While trying to kill the roaches, Noria became sick with the flu. Which means, that the plague is right around corner...

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At the end of the round they moved to the same apartment lot where Aden lives with his family.

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