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Clayfield - Round 9 - Never III

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Last time Toby started another business, a burger restaurant. Aretha and Jeevika grew up to children and Sia was busy with the kids.

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Toby and Sia's relationship is a very intimate one. A little too intimate..

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There's always something broken in this house!

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Some boot juice fun.

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Nestor <3

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Nope, no more kids!

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The grocery store is on level 7 already.

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Meeting Matty Robertshaw.

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Being a vehicle enthusiast, Toby wanted to start fixing another car.

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Time to have some quality time!

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Toby hired one of the TC residents to work at the restaurant.

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And now he wants a third business!

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And now, a double birthday!

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Aretha's aspiration is Knowledge/Romance.

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And Jeevika's is Popularity/Romance.

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They went to a nearby shopping mall to meet some fellow teens.

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Game notes:
- Toby is going to start a car dealership in Clayton Village on round 10. It fits his traits and they do need to have a place to buy cars and bikes there, too.
- Sia is going to become a judge, based on her LTW (top in Law). She'll first have to work her charisma and other necessary skills to be able to get a job and work in the City Hall. Later on, she'll be the judge who sentences sims to jail.