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Clayfield - Round 9 - Never II

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Last time Honor gave birth to another boy Jeremy, Jay grew up to a child and Aden started flirting with a random walk-by (ROS). They were also busy with their businesses, the baby supply store and car dealership. At the end of the round Honor became pregnant again by risky woohoo.

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They didn't lose too much money.

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Honor's store is currently on level 4.

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Aden keeps spying on Stripe.

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And he's even teaching his son how to spy on neighbors! Way to go, boys.

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Pop #1 for baby #3. I swear, that better be a single baby!

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Now, who has been spying again?

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Little Jon is stealing newspapers again! It looks like he's going to visit the jail when he grows older. ;P

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Honor is having nightmares about the good pastor.

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One day they went to visit a nearby fishing park and Aden told his son, how important it is to stay faithful to one's spouse.

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They also bought a juicer and some delicious fresh fruits from Rich's store.

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Let's hope that hobby doesn't turn into a flaming satellite..

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Aden is getting to know their landlord Johnny Smith.

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And finally, it was Jay's birthday!

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His aspiration is Pleasure/Popularity.

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Then, baby girl Daphne was born. She inherited grandma Izumi's green eyes!

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Jay loves his little sister. :)

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Look at Harry, eyeballing a harley! :D

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Aden promoted Rhett to be the manager.

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One of the kids wanted to have a guinea pig so Aden went to Ham's store and bought one.

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Now it's Jay who's getting butt-kicked by Stripe.

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Mr Poops is Jeremy's little friend.

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Daphne's birthday!

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She's a cutie pie :)

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Oh no!

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Go Elfy go!

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This means that we'll have a new prisoner in the jail!

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Jeremy really loves animals, and this want is definitely going to get fulfilled.

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But first, let's check their new home! They moved across the street to a brand new apartment.

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They decided to adopt one of the Bennett puppies, a chihuahua mix called Dabbs.

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