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Clayfield - Round 9 - Robertshaw

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Last time Debbie gave birth to baby boy Matty, and she also started running a recycling center in Clayton Village. Rhett was busy working at Aden's car dealership and leaving puddles all around their trailor.

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Sims have donated quite a lot of stuff to the recycling center already.

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It's Matty's birthday!

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He's such a cutie patootie!

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And then some Rhett Angst. :D

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Oh my goodness, woman...

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More used stuff for sale.

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Carlos is clearly testing out some furniture for the greek house.

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Matty is well on his way of becoming friends with Bea Troii, who lives in the same trailer park.

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He also met Jadyn Bennett.

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Debbie is pregnant again.

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First day at school!

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He brought home Hanako from the orphanage.

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Rhett went shopping and bought a game console, bird tree and a car. Very useful since he works in the main hood.

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I'm still having these annoying glitches. >:(

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Debbie was able to pay off little bit of her loan.

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They are excited to have another baby.

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Pop #1

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Pop #2

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Debbie was so tired because of her pregnancy, that Rhett had to go to the recycling center for one night.

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Matty named the parrot Timmy.

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And then, Debbie gave birth to twin girls!

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This is Milena.

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And Meadow.

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Game notes:
- The way Debbie gets used furniture from other residents is by teleporting or inviting her to their homes and putting the furniture in her inventory. So sims are mostly donating their unwanted stuff to her. If they are very poor, Debbie pays them a little bit in return. She sells stuff directly from her inventory as well as in her business. Sims pay from the used furniture the amount that shows when going to buy mode and they pay her by using Christianlov's Wallet Token Controller.