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Clayfield - Round 9 - Dingwall

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Last time Blair and Christa moved to Clayton Village and Christa gave birth to quads, all boys. They were (obviously) busy with child care and at the end of the round the boys grew up to children.

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Here are the boys traits and personalities, in case I forgot to show them last time.

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And of course we have to start with skating Harry! <3

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One of the Nova quads got struck by lightning.

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Christa took a job in Medicine, now that they actually have a hospital in Clayton Village.

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The boys wanted to have a pet so they adopted Ninja, one of the McSkittles puppies.

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Jacob is enjoying gardening.

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It's amazing that Jon actually came all the way from Clayfield to steal their newspaper.

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One day Blair took the kids to a nearby playground.

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Blair's roller rink seems to be a favourite place for teens to come and flex their hormones.

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Sure, why not!

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Michelle fell in love with a TC resident called Jager.

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Hormones are still flying.

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Honeybear is not enjoying her lover's serenade.

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Blair took a loan and started his second business, a coffee shop on campus.

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It's mainly for young adults.

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Lazy Llama Café soon reached level 3.

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Christa was promoted to a paramedic.

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Since she works at nights, she asked her good friend Celeste to babysit.

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She even did some gardening for them. :)

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The café is a success and Blair was able to pay off his entire loan.

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And of course the streaker had to come there too.

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And finally Blair and Christa had some time for each other aswell.
But no worries, they are definitely NOT having any more babies!

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Game notes:
- Lazy Llama Café is a makeovered version of my MMO café from Belladonna Cove and it can be downloaded HERE.