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Clayfield - Round 9 - Hardie

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Last time the family moved to Clayton Village, Vince started running a grocery store and spent most of the round sleeping in the cemetery. Celeste gave birth to baby boy Lou and later became pregnant for the second time. Lou grew up to a toddler.

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They got 610§.

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Vince's store is doing well.

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Lou <3

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Ida got some more work.

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Lou grew up to a child.

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His third trait.

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This boy has the most interesting wants! Maybe he'll work at the therapy center as he grows up.

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Pop #1 for baby #2.

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Vince took his son to the Science Center, where he bought a telescope.

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Talking about facts of life, I see...

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They adopted a stray kitty who became friends with Lou earlier.

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Oh ou.. Off to wash some laundry..

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Baby time!

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It's a girl called Joanna.

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Little Joanna is super cute!

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They also got a parrot called Gilbert.

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Well, atleast this time Honeybear is making out with her husband, not one of her lovers!

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Oh no!

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Let's hope that Gilbert II has better luck in life.

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