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Clayfield - Round 9 - Bigfoot

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Last time Lexie grew up to a teen, Rich became an adult and Hilary died due to ROS. Harry opened a small farmer's market in Clayton Village and Rich's business was expanded.

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Lexie was rolled to be the "lucky" one, and she'll be abducted 2 times.

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Oh Harry...

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Lexie wanted to visit cemetery and take some flowers to Hilary's grave.

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Lightning storm caused Harry to lose his marbles.

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I love his expression!

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Ida was hired to clean the house. As we might remember, Rich is SUPER sloppy.

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mswn made them these wonderful framed photos! :)

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Harry asked the genie to give them some more money.

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Lexie asked out a townie teen named Fred.

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Pirate, NO!

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Rocky is trying to steal Fred's girl!

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And she finally got her first kiss.

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Ida is making a lot of money cleaning other sims toilets.

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And now, time to get abducted, Lexie!

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Rich was taking a shower and ran out naked to see his sister returning home xD

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Poor girl...

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And then, she grew up to an adult.

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Wow, that's a lot of three bolters! And most of them married.

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I don't think she'd appreciate that experience again, Harry.

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Lexie decided to start her own business, where she works as a seamstress.

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Rich has some more fresh produces to sell.

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Emma came to visit!

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Harry gave her an old picture of her guinea pig, who's still alive BTW!

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Fishing with her dad is definitely one of Emma's favourite things. They always go fishing when she comes to visit!

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Harry and Rich are now sharing a bedroom.

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Lexie moved to Johnny's B&B to start her own life.

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Harry is looking forward to expand his business in Clayton Village.

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I don't think I've ever seen this want before!

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And then, Harry decided that there's room for one more child so he went to visit the orphanage.

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He soon seemed to bond with a little boy called C.J and they enjoyed playing catch together. :)

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Opal told Harry, that C.J learned all the important skills when he was a toddler.

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They agreed that this would be a perfect home for him and she promiseda to bring C.J home to Harry later that day.

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Donny became an elder.

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Emma stayed at the farm and helped to take care of the garden.

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And then C.J moved to his new home!

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He immediate started bonding with his big brother, but big sister Emma didn't care for taking about rats...

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So here's little C.J. Bigfoot :)

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Harry and Rich are now teaching him how to take care of the garden.

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Rich decided to lay off Celeste. He got a brand new automatic cash register and no more has a need to keep her employed.

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Oh crap..

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While Rich was at his business, Isilme fell in love with Korey in the bathroom.

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Pack walk <3

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A+ for C.J.!

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And he's well on his way of becoming a gardener.

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