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Clayfield - Round 9 - Shepherd

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Last time Benjamin moved to Clayfield to start working as a pastor. He met and married Manda Vai, a former TC orphan. Ben had an exciting night tending the graveyard and Manda became pregnant on their wedding night.

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They donated 1 000§ to the Police Station.

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And...we start with vomit.

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Manda is getting to know their neighbors.

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Ben was promoted to a hospital chaplain.

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Ben decided to start selling candles and flowers at the cemetery, so that sims can easily buy them for their loved one's graves.

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Manda took a 10K loan to start her own business.

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Welcome to the Healing House.

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Manda's office for private therapy.

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The group therapy room.

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More vomit.

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Pop #1

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Gila loves to sit on counters.

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Manda studies hard to learn couples counceling.
After all, as a family therapist she has to know how to deal with all kinds of problems.

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Sims are buying candles and flowers like hot cakes.

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Manda has been so exhausted because of her pregnancy, that she hired Ida to clean their house.

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Her first customer was Lotte McSkittles, who wanted to discuss about her relationships.

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Dolores from the Teen Center is concerned about the future of the city.

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Manda also has a group for sims who are addicted to sodas.

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And one for sims, who are terrified of seeing ghosts.

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It's a hard job to be a pastor.

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Ben needed a little break from work, so he went shopping for some baby supplies...

 photo ScreenShot9869.jpg food...

 photo ScreenShot9870.jpg


 photo ScreenShot9871.jpg

...and toys.

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Can you tell that he's really looking forward to be a dad? That kid is going to be spoiled rotten. ;)

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While Ben was out shopping, Manda's friends came to throw her a baby shower!

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The ladies brought a lot of goodies.

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...and of course, gave her presents aswell.

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 photo ScreenShot9884.jpg

This is what Manda got. A lot of toys for the kidlet!
(The stuff that Ben bought is included in this picture)

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 photo ScreenShot9886.jpg
 photo ScreenShot9887.jpg
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And then, right in the middle of baby shower, Manda went into labor!

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Welcome to the world, baby girl Madeline!

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Ben is indeed thrilled to become a daddy.

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And then, little Maddy grew up!

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And they are already trying to have another baby.

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Tadah, the bun is in the oven!

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Manda asked her good friend Branka to babysit.

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She's giving therapy to bunch of teens.

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"Did you have a good train ride from Clayton Village?"

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Business at the cemetery is still going well.

 photo ScreenShot9926.jpg

Ida keeps their house clean.

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And baby #2 is definitely on it's way.

 photo ScreenShot9928.jpg

Manda was also able to pay off some of her loan.

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Game notes:
- I really like the idea of having a place to give therapy for sims. Lord knows, that most of them need it! xD Later Manda is probably going to hire a second therapist to her business.
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