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Clayfield - Round 9 - Students

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Last time Ed moved back to a dorm in the campus after his relationship with Ruth ended. His studies started going downhill and he went on a date with Audra Novell.

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Time to take the bull by the horns and start studying, Ed!

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Rocky Novell moved to the same dorm after growing up.

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Ed still wants to start another business.

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And Rocky is tired of living in a dirty dorm.

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They hired Ida to clean up after them.

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The boys are really putting an effort to their studies..

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Dottie from the Teen Center is one of the dormies.

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Ed went to the Science Center to buy a chess table.

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Ed is on academic probation for the second time. Small wonder, he never rolls any wants to study!

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I think he finally starts to put two and two together. Yay!

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Hello you stinky dude, could you clean yourself and our dorm? - Why, yes! Thank you for asking!

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I believe that was his own pee puddle.

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Good job, Ed! You're finally getting it!

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A trip to the clothing shop.

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The third student moving to the dorm is our new playable, Carlos Matsumoto. He just grew up from the TC.
His aspiration is Knowledge/Pleasure.

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And he wants to be the next mayor in Clayfield!

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He fell in love with Dottie at the Teen Center.

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I think Ed is starting to grow up, finally.

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Dottie had moved out to give her room to Carlos, and now he's booty calling her.

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Some dormie love.

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Carlos doesn't quite know what he wants.

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Ed started his final year at the university.

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Carlos asked Dottie out on a date, and they went to the bowling alley.

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The night ended with Carlos freestyling for tips. It did not go well.

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Rocky is the most motivated to study from all of them.

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The cow mascot keeps annoying Ed.

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Rocky wanted to get some romantic action going on, so he met a townie called Adelaide.

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They have two bolts.

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The boys decided to start a greek house!

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So they moved to a house at the campus and are now waiting for new members.

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Game notes:
- I've decided that from now on only sims who have a LTW to become the mayor, can be selected to run Clayfield. If other sims roll that LTW besides Carlos, there will be a poll but if not, then Carlos will be the next mayor after Joe retires.
- The greek house is made by the lovely mswn :)