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Clayfield - Round 9 - Danner

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Last time Steve rented a room from Johnny Smith after growing up at the Teen Center. He fell in love with Branka Bowlen, a fellow orphan, they got engaged and moved to Clayton Village to start their own family. Steve also bought the Science Center and Observatory.

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Night night Steve!

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But first, let's see how the business is going at the Science Center!

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He's doing great!

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Steve also grows cowplants for scientific research. After they've grown enough, other sims can also buy them.
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While Steve is working, Branka also has some plans of her own.

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To refresh our memory about their traits.

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Branka's plan is to take a loan and buy her own business, a bowling alley!

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But first she wanted to get to know her neighbors, the Robertshaws, and play a little bit with their adorable little boy.
And Filia, of course!

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It's interesting that despite of having only 1 bolt, they really want to get married.

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She also hired Zara to work as a chef at the bowling alley, and Marie to be the waitress.

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She sucks at cooking.

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They decided to have a private wedding in their pj's.

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And now, welcome to Bowlen's Bowling!

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It's not a good start for Marie..

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One day, Steve invited over his best friend Kurt Novell. They were living at the orphanage together and now, after doing some research Steve found out that Kurt is actually his cousin! They both were apparently a result of some alien experiments, and their parents gave them up for adoption for unknown reasons.

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But now, they both are happy living with their own families and best of all, they have each other.

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Branka was able to pay off her entire loan.

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But Steve still has a long way to go before he's debt is paid off.

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He now has a bigger selection of science and logic related items for sale.

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He's doing some experiments with the weather machine. Let's just hope it won't result in fire storm!

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As you see, the center is a huge success!

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Branka realized that she still has some unresolved feelings towards Kurt. They did date as teenagers, as some of you may remember.

 photo ScreenShot9719.jpg

So she invited him over and after sorting some things out...

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..neither of them have any hard feelings about the past. They are now relatives and happy for each other.

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Umm... yeah.

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And Steve still has more than enough debt to pay.

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