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Clayfield - Round 9 - Bennett

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Last time Callie and Zoe grew up to teens, Kitty became pregnant again and gave birth to another set of twins, boys Jadyn and Jon. Kitty was busy with the bakery and Tyson worked hard in his garden and dug some more stuff to sell. They also moved into a new house.

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Anger management therapy for Zoe.

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The boys are cute. <3

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On the first day, Tyson sent Zoe to Clayton Village to buy some gardening supplies from Hayden's shop.

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 photo ScreenShot9577.jpg

And then, some flamingo kicking.

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Tyson is as busy as ever. Evenings he digs up as much stuff as he can find and at daytime he tends his garden.

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Teens are a great help with taking care of the toddlers.

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This is what Tyson managed to find for this round.

 photo ScreenShot9584.jpg

 photo ScreenShot9585.jpg

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Christa is having a tai chi party outside the shop.

 photo ScreenShot9588.jpg
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Darn it, take care of your kids!

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Darn those robots... I wish I'd find a mod to cut down all that breaking.

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And now, to the bakery!

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It's finally time for the boys to grow up! First is Jon.

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 photo ScreenShot9607.jpg

 photo ScreenShot9603.jpg

and Jadyn.

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 photo ScreenShot9606.jpg

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Don't even think about it! Four kids is more than enough for you two.

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Yay, we have a genie lamp now!

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Tyson took the dogs out for a pack hike.

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And some more animals decided to join them..

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 photo ScreenShot9617.jpg
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Okay, now we need some money.

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Sia is eyeballing some delicious chocolate muffins.

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All this makes me so hungry!

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Dang it Johnny, don't you dare steal our newspaper!
(What's with these sims... we already have a police officer and a banker who are stealing papers and gnomes!)

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Little makeover for Zoe.

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I swear, if you are planning to have more kids... Don't toy with me!

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