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Clayfield - Round 9 - McSkittles

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Last time Pirate and Lotte adopted Ivar from the Orphanage, Lotte sold her spa back to the community and grew up to an elder. Three new puppies were born and put up for adoption.

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Off to Savio's Gym!

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Yes Savio, your gym helps sims avoid looking like sumo wrestlers.

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Back at home, also Pirate and Ivar are improving their body skills.

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He's really in the zone now, isn't he?

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So he invited all the kids over for sports party.

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Hmm...Gourmet burgers and cookies. Just the right kind of food for sims who are trying to live healthy.

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Ivar is practising his devious side and spying on neighbors.

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Lotte's once again working on another book, although her laptop doesn't quite agree with that.

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And for some reason, the dogs are not getting along. :P

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It's fun to see Tyson come to visit autonomously and join his dad for some sports.

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It's hard for a kid to find evil stuff to do, but Ivar tries his best.

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Tormenting Katerina.

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Lotte had bought a bush and a garden sculpture from Hayden's garden shop while I was playing another household.

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Now that they both are (almost) retired, they have plenty of time to take care of their relationship.

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New patio furniture.

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And some rainy day drama.

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Fitness regime continues.

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And now, Ivar's birthday!

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His aspiration is Knowledge/Fortune.

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And right away he sneaks out with Sunday.

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Lotte's scolting Pirate for breaking the shower. :D

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Ivar is doing poorly at school. Well, what else can you expect when he keeps skipping homework?

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One day Pirate visited a local park, only to find Honeybear there smooching with Damani!

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And once again, poor oblivious Morty came there right after that!

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I think Stripe is starting to be furious with most of the sims in this hood. Everyone is spying on him!

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I guess the feeling is mutual.

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Lotte sold another novel.

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And Ivar is sneaking out with a Teen Center resident.

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One day he decided to skip school and spend a day hanging out at a shopping mall.

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Reading about the subject that interests him most: crime.

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He also decided to try steal something from another TC resident.

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And there you go, couple of expensive sculptures.

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Haha, she noticed that he was searching her pockets.
(Okay, what pockets?)

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I don't think his parents understand yet what kind of plans he has for his future...

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But until he grows up, he has plenty of time to do some more sneaking out.

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Game notes:
- I think Ivar is one of the most interesting sims in Clayfield, since I have to figure out how to make work his Evil and Rebellious traits. It's fun to use all the game provided ways to make him do something evil or devious.
- Ivar has a pretty strong storyline going on already. He is going to be a thief, who sells stolen goods in his black market business. He steals stuff by first trying to admire sims (similar to the NPC Charlatan) and if they accept, I check the sims inventory and then Ivar snags something from them. If the victim has enough logic points, they will pick a fight with Ivar after that.