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Clayfield - Round 9 - Gallagher II

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Last time Savio entertained us with his leg cast, Dorris finally became pregnant and they adopted a beagle mix puppy Jack.

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LOL... That's one day dressed as gorilla for you, Dorris!

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But first, Savio took a 20K loan.

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He bought a little shopping mall near the beach.

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He also hired his little brother Dustin to work as restocker.

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F.O.O.D is a success! And they really needed more grocery stores anyway.

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He was able to pay off some of the loan.

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And then Dorris went into labor.

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It's a baby boy called Kenny.

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For the second time, she gave Savio a good review and the BoB award.

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A customer was looking for something in the bathroom... :D

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And now he wants to start another business!

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While Dorris stayed home with the baby, she maxed her cooking skills.

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Kenny grew up to be an absolute cutie pie!

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Trying for baby #2

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Clearly two times is not enough?

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Dorris invited her mom over, and Lotte became another target for the mean landlady.

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Meeting next door neighbors, the Mifsud's.

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Tix got to play with her son Elmo. :)

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Dorris is pregnant again.

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After paying off his first loan, Savio had to take a bigger loan to buy his next business..

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..a gym.

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He works as a personal trainer.

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One day, while Savio was working, Elfy came to visit and started autonomously clean their apartment.

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She also told Dorris that there's going to be new prisoners in the jail soon.

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Elfy was happy to meet her little nephew. :)

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The gym is doing very well and Savio is able to pay off a big part of his second loan aswell.

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Pop #2

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And now, gorilla time!

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Darn, she lost to Roux!

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Tix grew up to an elder.

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Dorris' twin Tyson continues to steal gnomes.

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Savio is very busy with the gym. Sims are coming there all the time to get fit, and I have to say that they really needed to have a gym after all those restaurants and bakeries!

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Wow, that was close!

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Kenny grew up.

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He got to know their neighbor Connor, who's in the same class as Kenny.

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And finally, the whole loan is paid off!

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Then our gorilla mama went into labor.

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Oh yes.

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Quads... Two boys and two girls. Oh man, am I going to be busy next round...

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Due to their massive family expansion, they had to move to a new house. House tour on next round.

And here are the names and traits for the quads:

 photo ScreenShot9491.jpg

 photo ScreenShot9494.jpg

 photo ScreenShot9492.jpg

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