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Clayfield - Round 9 - Gallagher

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Last time Hamilton's pet store reached level 10, Jennifer and Michelle grew up and Emmaline decided to have an affair with a townie after she was refuced by Toby Never. Emma also became pregnant again.

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We start with parrot who decided to give up.

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Ham is completely oblivious about his wife's affair.

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From outside they seem to look like a happy couple, but as we know, that is not the case.

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After they lost their old kitty Bean last round, they decided to adopt a companion for Alma.

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Emma is currently in love with three guys.

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Emma shares the secrets of having babies with her oldest daughter.

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Both of the girls enjoy fishing.

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Michelle decided to ask out one of her townie friends, Jager.

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They have atleast two bolts, if not three.

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And then, Emma gave birth to a baby boy James.

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Harry is having fun while visiting the pet store. :)

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James grew up to an adorable little tyke.

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Emma decided to hire Ainslee to work as cashier.

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Lotte is buying romance novels. :D

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And Ham is once again counterfeiting money when no-one is watching...

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Oh no!

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Dude, you do realize that your criminal self almost caused the death of your child?!
Luckily he was able to put out the fire just in time!

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While Emma is trying to make profit with her book store, they hired Hayden to take care of the garden.

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Jennifer grew up to a Pleasure/Knowledge teen.

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And Michelle snuck out with Korey Novell.

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Right after that Elfy came and stole her brother's newspaper. Come on, you're supposed to be a police officer, not a thief!

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