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Clayfield - Round 9 - Nova

It's been a little while since the last update, but here we go:

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Last time the quads grew up to children and Bennett experienced some very unlucky moments.

 photo ScreenShot9111.jpg

 photo ScreenShot9116.jpg

Ah, checking oneself in the mirror and making kissing noises..

 photo ScreenShot9117.jpg
 photo ScreenShot9118.jpg
 photo ScreenShot9119.jpg
 photo ScreenShot9120.jpg
 photo ScreenShot9121.jpg

It's still a busy house with all the kids!

 photo ScreenShot9122.jpg
 photo ScreenShot9123.jpg

Herman was trying to play with the munchybot. I never knew about that interaction before :o

 photo ScreenShot9125.jpg

Time to enjoy those last summer days and go to the beach!

 photo ScreenShot9126.jpg
 photo ScreenShot9127.jpg
 photo ScreenShot9128.jpg
 photo ScreenShot9131.jpg
 photo ScreenShot9132.jpg
 photo ScreenShot9133.jpg
 photo ScreenShot9134.jpg
 photo ScreenShot9135.jpg

 photo ScreenShot9136.jpg

Maybe you'll find a special someone to give those to.

 photo ScreenShot9137.jpg
 photo ScreenShot9138.jpg

 photo ScreenShot9140.jpg

And then, after returning home, Bennett dropped the biggest bomb ever and bootycalled no other than HONEYBEAR! :o

 photo ScreenShot9141.jpg
 photo ScreenShot9142.jpg
 photo ScreenShot9144.jpg
 photo ScreenShot9145.jpg
 photo ScreenShot9146.jpg

I really don't know what he was thinking of. Honeybear (despite of her numerous lovers) refuced him every time.
I think Ben is starting to get too desperate..

 photo ScreenShot9149.jpg

So, he ended up having a blind date with a NPC cook called Zara. She's the only available elder female in the hood!

 photo ScreenShot9153.jpg

And they actually have two bolts!
They had a nice time together and agreed to see each other later.

 photo ScreenShot9157.jpg

Next day, Ben had to let Ash go as the worker in the soup shop. She has enough work taking care of her kids at the moment.

 photo ScreenShot9158.jpg

Instead he hired Lucy Novell to work as the cook...

 photo ScreenShot9159.jpg

...and Isilme Troii to be a restocker.

 photo ScreenShot9160.jpg

And this has to be the weirdest uniform glitch ever.. That's Ed McSkittles' face! xD

 photo ScreenShot9161.jpg

Finally, people are buying soup bowls and we're on rank 1.

 photo ScreenShot9162.jpg

 photo ScreenShot9163.jpg

Back at home, some of the quads is playing fireman while...

 photo ScreenShot9165.jpg

...Ben is outside having a date with Zara.

 photo ScreenShot9168.jpg

It didn't take long for ACR to kick in.

 photo ScreenShot9170.jpg

Teenage years are coming closer and Ainslee is taking it out on stuffed animals.

 photo ScreenShot9172.jpg

Granddaughter Michelle stopped by to buy some soup.

 photo ScreenShot9173.jpg

 photo ScreenShot9174.jpg

 photo ScreenShot9176.jpg

And finally, the quads grew up! Here's Ainslee...

 photo ScreenShot9177.jpg

 photo ScreenShot9175.jpg

 photo ScreenShot9182.jpg


 photo ScreenShot9181.jpg

 photo ScreenShot9180.jpg

 photo ScreenShot9186.jpg


 photo ScreenShot9184.jpg

 photo ScreenShot9185.jpg

 photo ScreenShot9189.jpg

...and Shevon.

 photo ScreenShot9188.jpg

 photo ScreenShot9187.jpg

 photo ScreenShot9190.jpg

Zara came by to sing to Ben. He asked her to stay the night.

 photo ScreenShot9191.jpg

Time to get some chinese!

 photo ScreenShot9193.jpg
 photo ScreenShot9196.jpg
 photo ScreenShot9199.jpg
 photo ScreenShot9200.jpg

And the next morning, Ben popped the question!

 photo ScreenShot9201.jpg

 photo ScreenShot9207.jpg

 photo ScreenShot9202.jpg

 photo ScreenShot9204.jpg

And look, Ben gave Zara those earrings he found at the beach.

Zara Ryder

 photo ScreenShot9235.jpg

 photo ScreenShot9236.jpg

 photo ScreenShot9203.jpg

 photo ScreenShot9206.jpg

Herman became an elder.

And now, wedding time!

 photo ScreenShot9209.jpg
 photo ScreenShot9211.jpg
 photo ScreenShot9214.jpg
 photo ScreenShot9215.jpg
 photo ScreenShot9216.jpg
 photo ScreenShot9219.jpg
 photo ScreenShot9220.jpg
 photo ScreenShot9221.jpg
 photo ScreenShot9222.jpg
 photo ScreenShot9224.jpg
 photo ScreenShot9225.jpg
 photo ScreenShot9228.jpg

LOL... Shevon was taking a shower when the whole outing group was called to dinner so she sat down naked xD

 photo ScreenShot9229.jpg
 photo ScreenShot9231.jpg

 photo ScreenShot9237.jpg

Time to go on a honeymoon.

 photo ScreenShot9238.jpg

Except that this time, the kids are coming too.

 photo ScreenShot9239.jpg
 photo ScreenShot9243.jpg

Zara is already bonding with the quads.

 photo ScreenShot9245.jpg
 photo ScreenShot9246.jpg
 photo ScreenShot9247.jpg
 photo ScreenShot9248.jpg
 photo ScreenShot9250.jpg

 photo ScreenShot9251.jpg

 photo ScreenShot9252.jpg

I guess she wants to be fit to please her man?

 photo ScreenShot9253.jpg

This sure is a messy family.

 photo ScreenShot9254.jpg
 photo ScreenShot9256.jpg
 photo ScreenShot9257.jpg

Mswn's lovely lot :)

 photo ScreenShot9258.jpg
 photo ScreenShot9259.jpg
 photo ScreenShot9263.jpg
 photo ScreenShot9265.jpg
 photo ScreenShot9267.jpg
 photo ScreenShot9269.jpg
 photo ScreenShot9270.jpg
 photo ScreenShot9271.jpg
 photo ScreenShot9273.jpg
 photo ScreenShot9275.jpg
 photo ScreenShot9277.jpg

 photo ScreenShot9278.jpg

 photo ScreenShot9279.jpg

More scholarships. We'll have to see how many of them actually end up going to college.

 photo ScreenShot9280.jpg
 photo ScreenShot9281.jpg

And we end with the charlatan coming to visit their home lot! Talk about strange...

 photo ScreenShot9282.jpg

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