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Clayfield - Round 9 - Dortmants/Branch

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Ida Dortmans is an ex-townie, who moved to Clayton Village in order to start working as a maid. Some of you may remember seeing her flirting with Bennett Nova on community lots during previous rounds.

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Her aspiration is Family/Fortune.
Cancer 6-3-6-4-6

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During her townie years, she got involved with another townie, Lars. Now she wants to move forward with him.

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She's already been hired as a maid by several of the other residents in Clayfield.

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The City of Clayfield hired Ida to work as the head of cleaning services in the Memorial Hospital, meaning that she'll get to live in a staff apartment on the top floor of the Hospital. As a staff member, she's able to eat for free in the cafeteria.

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She didn't hesitate to call Lars over the first day.

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They were already in love, so Lars moved in.

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Lars Branch
VIrgo 9-2-6-3-5

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It happens that Lars is already a member of the Hospital staff!

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So he proposed to her, right there on the parking lot.

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Although he does want to make a commitment to Ida, he has couple of crushes already to other townies.

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They had their wedding at the city hall and Ida took Lars' last name.

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The hospital gift shop is already doing quite well.

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Ida makes pottery for the gift shop and that way earns little extra.

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Both of them want to start their own family right away.

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Poor Isilme came by one day and experienced the horrors of a breaking elevator!
Seriously, it sounds like straight out of horror movie..

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Baby is on it's way!

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During daytime, Lars works as the repair man in the hospital.

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But he doesn't seem to be doing pretty good job, since the elevator is breaking all the time.
(Which is funny, since I've never seen that in my game before)

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Elvis managed to spent over 500§ in the gift shop!

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On his day off, Lars went to visit the Science Center. There Steve had started selling smart milk and thinking caps.

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He also got to know some of the most loved members of the community.

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Ida is about to pop any minute.

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This pregnancy is very tough on Ida.

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She's constantly passing out and having nightmares.

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And clearly she thinks that the cook in the cafeteria doesn't know what he's doing.

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Since Ida has to spend most of her time eating or in bed, Lars has to do some last minute shopping for the baby.

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He also met some of his friends during the shopping spree.

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And finally, it was time for Ida to sign in as a patient.

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Little Leon Branch is the first baby to be born in a hospital.

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And he's cute!
His personality is Capricorn 9-3-6-10-6.

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Game notes:
- The Memorial Hospital is zoned as residential lot, which makes it easier to have sims stay there. The gift shop runs as a home business. Sims who are staying in the hospital have to play a fee which is 300§ per night. The staff members (or other sims) who live in apartments, pay rent 100§/day.
- Korey Thackray and some of the teens from TC work in the gift shop.