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Clayfield - Round 9 - Troii IV

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Last round Hayden and Ash became adults and they moved out of their family homes. Hayden started his gardening business, Ash became pregnant and gave birth to baby girl Beatrice. Ash and Bea moved in with Hayden in Clayton Village.

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Hayden cashed his check from all the gardening jobs he did around the neighborhood during last round.

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He's still obsessed with Filia... xD

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Little sister Isilme came to greet him while he was working.

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While Hayden is working, Ash stays home and takes care of little Bea.

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Darn you Ham...

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She still wants to have another baby.

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Looks like she might be able to convince Hayden.

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What?! Now this is interesting..

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She stopped by in Ed's toy store...

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...and met her grandpa at the burger restaurant.

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Hayden was happy to stay home with Bea and bond with his daughter.

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Their trailer is very small, so they'll soon have move into a bigger place. As soon as they have enough money.

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Ham, I'm going to throw you in jail, I swear..

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Iz stopped by to snuggle her grandchild.

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Hayden was excited to tell his mom, what was Bea's first word.

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And it looks like Ash got what she wanted.

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One day Hayden's sister Honor walked by and Ash asked her some tips about teaching toddlers.

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They finally had enough money to move to a larger trailer.

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And Hayden was able to pay back some of his loan.

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Bea grew up!

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Her new trait.

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Hayden wanted to get fit.

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Getting to know their next door neighbor, Branka.

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Bea met one of her class mates, Calvin Dingwall.

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And then Hayden decided to pop the question. Neither of them had the fear of getting engaged, so I thought why not.

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Later that night they also had a private wedding in their underwear..

 photo ScreenShot8990.jpg

Although, it looks like they both had a head-slap moment after that.

 photo ScreenShot8991.jpg

Just in time for the birth of their second child.

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Meet baby boy Jamie.

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He's such a cutie pie! And clearly he inherited Ash's (and grandpa Damani's) adorable nose.

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It looks like Ash doesn't really want to stick to her vows..

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She rolled this want again, so I figured she'd want to ask Johnny out.

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They went to Marylena's bar.

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And Johnny has the same want.

 photo ScreenShot9008.jpg

 photo ScreenShot9009.jpg

Even though Hayden is home with the kids, she still wants to ask Johnny home!

 photo ScreenShot9010.jpg
 photo ScreenShot9011.jpg

 photo ScreenShot9012.jpg

She rolled this want again... Okay, if you insist.

 photo ScreenShot9013.jpg

Johnny makes pretty clear his hopes and dreams... :o
You do realize that she's already married?!

 photo ScreenShot9014.jpg

So, she did invite Johnny home. But it was already so late that she just kissed him goodbye...

 photo ScreenShot9015.jpg

...and snuck in to bed next to her husband.
Poor Hayden, you have no idea...

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