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Clayfield - Round 9 - Troii III

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Last time the family moved to the brand new police station, Elfreda started working in Law Enforcement career and opened her own security business, Mervin became a firefighter and bought the fire station and Elfy gave birth to their first child, Robin. We also had fun watching the life of a jailbird called Murdoch.

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Elfreda was chosen to become a werewolf.

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What better way to start an update than to watch Murdoch go potty!?

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He enjoys reading..

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..and chatting with the new prison pastor, Benjamin.

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"Listen, I know that your life has taken a wrong route in the past few years..."

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"...but you still can get a proper job and take control of your life when you get out of here."

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"Just make sure, that in the future you only take care of your own money, not someone elses!"

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"Cheer up, man! I'll help you to get back on your feet!"
Now, that is a good prison pastor. Always there when you need help. :)
(and no, I did not choose the subjects they were talking about!)

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Upstairs, Mervin is choking to his morning grilled cheese.

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They are also trying for another baby.

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Time to gain some more hair, Elfy!

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Mervin doesn't like this new change in his wife.

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Then Robin grew up!

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He's already starting to develop into an interesting sim..

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Downstairs in the jail, Murdoch is having a little meltdown.

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Robin is excited to have a baby sibling.

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And Murdoch is having fun with his book.

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Johnny! You do realize that you're stealing the police officer's newspaper! Just watch out..

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Othelo is <3

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Elfy got promoted! So now she'll roam around community lots and make sure everything is in order.

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Murdoch got released from the jail after two days, and hopefully he won't be coming back!

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A new baby is on it's way!

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Mervin is selling quite a few fire alarms.

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Poor Harry is having a meltdown, too..

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Are you sure those sprinklers are enough, Morty?

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Despite of his business going well, Mervin got lectured by the raporter.

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He also went to tend Elfy's security shop and hired his niece to work as restocker.

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In the meanwhile, Elfy was taking a nap in some grilled cheese.

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Robin wants new toys.

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One night, Savio came to visit.

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And Elfy got furious at him after losing a game of darts! xD

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Elfy's store is doing quite well.

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Several sims have already bought burglar alarms and security cameras.

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And then, baby time!

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It's a girl called Samantha.

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Elfy got a little makeover.

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She invited her dad to babysit the kids while she's patrolling around town.

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Look at this happy baby! :D

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Umm.. discussing about latest fashion with your father-in-law?

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Robin loves his little sister <3

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Little Sam is a cutie pie <3

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And Elfy...Well, she's riding the trashbag..

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Game notes:
- After he was released from jail, Murdoch became a new playable! Which means that we'll see him later this round, as he tries to get his life together with the help of his new friend, Pastor Benny. :)