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Clayfield - Round 9 - Troii II

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Last time Rocky was busy with the clothing store and Chey Lee was home taking care of their three girls. The twins grew up to children and Charis became a teen.

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They are allowed to save only 3 items and got 540§ as insurance money.

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But first, here's Chey on a shopping spree. Some new toys...

 photo ScreenShot8780.jpg

.. plants..

 photo ScreenShot8781.jpg

..and electronics.

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After they lost their house, they moved to a apartment in the center of Clayfield. Rocky's store is only a block away from their new home.

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Hunter is still adorable <3

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Poor Gisselle.. Clearly her hair is trying to eat her head.

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The girls are pleased that there's a game room downstairs.

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They also live right next to Aden and Honor's family.

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The twins have now neighbors of their own age.

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You better not try for more babies..

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They seem to be enjoying apartment living.

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Rocky hired Katerina from the Teen Center to work as a restocker.

 photo ScreenShot8804.jpg

What!? Who!?

 photo ScreenShot8805.jpg


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So, Honeybear is here on a date with Damani. She's clearly playing with fire..

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Someone has been kicking the trashcan again..

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The girls missed their bus so Rocky had to drop them off to school.

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He wanted to make Chyna manager.

 photo ScreenShot8813.jpg

Sure, why not.

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They now have a vacation lot in Three Lakes.

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And finally, the twins grew up! Here's Gisselle, who is a Pleasure/Romance sim.

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..and Chanelle who's aspiration is Popularity/Pleasure.

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She wants to become a police officer! Awesome!

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