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Clayfield - Round 9 - Troii

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Last time Izumi retired from the police force and grew up to an elder, Stripe sold his diner and they adopted an orphan called Isilme. Hayden grew up to an adult, started his own gardening business and moved out to his own place. Their elder cat Stinky passed away.

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La di daa... Isilme enjoys some late summer gardening.

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They went to the public beach in Clayton Village to enjoy some beach activities before the weather gets too cold.

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It's interesting how they can get sunburnt after sunset...

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Now they have a summer house in Twikkii Island.

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They also decided to move from the main hood to a peaceful corner of Clayton Village.

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Time to teenify!

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Isilme's aspiration is Pleasure/Family.

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In case I forgot to show their traits earlier, here they are.

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Nothing akward here, no no..

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I think Iz is about ready to move to the retirement home...

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I've never seen this want before!

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She wanted to get fit again.

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And off to Twikkii Island they go.

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Stripe is a true workaholic, wanting to go to work even while on vacation.

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All in all, they had a great time on their holiday.

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Back at home, Stripe is desperate to go back to work.

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And Iz...Well, she wants to get back to her "business" aswell.

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Isilme called Korey over but he didn't want to come.

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No worries, just some boot juice.

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This time Korey accepted!

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I thought it was funny that Hayden happened to "stop by" while Isilme and Korey were on a date at the park.
I think Izumi send him to look after his little sister!

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Even though Korey lost some of his money, they had a great date.

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I think Stripe could use that skill aswell... Getting furious to anyone why uses the telescope!

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His sunburns look kind of funky. :D

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Oh look, Lexie is flirting again. I swear, this girl flirts with every teen boy in the hood!

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Iz won!
Although, she didn't really have much competition. Just a bowl of chocolate pudding, salad and cereal. :D

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