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Clayfield - Round 8 - Summary and statistics

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Tyson got bitten by the gardening bug and Kitty quit her job at the soup shop to be able to focus more on her bakery. Zoe and Callie grew up to teens and Kitty became pregnant again, resulting another set of twins: Jon and Jadyn. Their house was overrun by helmet-headed puppies and they moved to a bigger house at the end of the round.


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It's all gardening in this household! However, they did have to deal with some unfortunate events, when Hilary died due to ROS. The business was expanded, Lexie grew up to a teen and Rich grew up to an adult. Harry gave the main business to his son and started a small farmer's market in Clayton Village. Also two new puppies were born.


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Steve Danner grew up at the Teen Center and after becoming an adult, he rented a room from Johnny Smith. He also joined the Science career and bough the Science Center and Observatory, providing other residents of Clayfield entertanment and a chance to learn about science. He started dating Branka Bowlen, a fellow ex-orphan who he first met at the Orphanage and Teen Center. They fell in love after Branka's previous relationship with Kurt Novell ended and now they are engaged and living together in Clayton Village.


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After Sidley's death, the family moved to Clayton Village. Joelle grew up to an adult, Elvis became a teen and Joe grew up to an old man.
Other than that, nothing special happened.


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The newlyweds Blair and Christa moved to the countryside in Clayton Village. Their house was totally overrun by babies after Christa gave birth to quads Matthew, Brian, Jacob and Calvin. Blair went to tend his skating business as often as he could and finally the boys grew up.


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Hamilton's pet store reached rank 10 and he got in touch with his criminal side by counterfeiting money. Little Jennifer grew up to a child and Michelle became a teenager. Emmaline started rolling wants about romancing other sims, so she tried her best to hook up with her teenhood crush, Toby, who rejected her. After that she ended up having an affair with a townie. Ham wanted another baby and Emma ended up pregnant by ACR. Their kitty Mr Bean died of old age.

Gallagher II

 photo ScreenShot6874.jpg

Savio broke his leg due to ROS and we got to witness some hilarious moments with his cast. Dorris had difficulty getting pregnant but in the end she started expecting their first child. They adopted a puppy Jack as a companion to their cat Tix.


 photo ScreenShot7406.jpg

Newlyweds Vince and Celeste moved to Clayton Village and Vince opened a grocery store. He also spent 4 days in the cemetery due to ROS. In the mean time, Celeste was getting bigger and bigger at home and eventually gave birth to a babyboy called Lou. Their dog Duke passed away, Lou grew up to a toddler and Celeste became pregnant again.


 photo ScreenShot6963.jpg

Pirate and Lotte adopted a orphan toddler called Ivar, who soon grew up to an interesting child. Just before growing up to an elder, Lotte wanted to quit her job as a business owner and she sold the spa back to the community. They had a family party to celebrate Lotte's birthday and three new puppies were born and put up for adoption.

McSkittles II

 photo ScreenShot8160.jpg

On this round, Edison turned out to be quite the naughty boy who ended up breaking the engagement with Ruth Mifsud due to ROS and his Childish trait. He moved back to a dorm, got struck by lightning, peed himself and did everything he could to avoid studying. He also went on a date with Audra Novell.


 photo ScreenShot7949.jpg

Morty's alien son Hubert grew up to a child and Morty became an elder. Honeybear was busy having a workplace romance and starting another business, a games arcade. She also got another lover from Marylena Novell's ex-partner Damani. Morty adopted an adorable little stray dog called Digit.

Mifsud II

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Finley became a teenager, Avery grew up to a child and Lush became pregnant again, resulting the birth of a boy called Jason. Devon was busy working and we didn't see him much this round. Jason grew up to a toddler and Lush adopted a stray dog called Patches.

Mifsud III

 photo ScreenShot8064.jpg

Galen was busy as always, making paintings and selling artwork in his gallery. Marie became pregnant again and gave birth to a girl called Keighley. Little Connor grew up to a child, Keighley became a toddler and Marie began to have a gambling problem.


 photo ScreenShot8227.jpg

After getting cruelly dumped by Edison, Ruth fell head over heels in love with Kurt Novell, who she has three bolts with. They started dating and soon both of them wanted to get engaged and married. Kurt's studies were clearly suffering resulting in two academic probations, and he decided to drop off college. Ruth and Kurt had a private wedding at the end of the round.

Never II

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Little Jay grew up to a child and Honor gave birth to another boy, Jeremy. Aden was busy with his car dealership and after Jeremy grew up to a child, also Honor had more time to tend her baby supply store. At the end of the round Honor became pregnant again by risky woohoo.

Never III

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Aretha and Jeevika grew up, Toby was busy gardening and working in his grocery store and Sia quit her job at Honor's store to persue other options. Toby started his second business, the burger restaurant in Clayton Village.

Never IV

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After giving birth to her second son Chance, Jam died due to ROS. Chance grew up to a toddler and Zoran didn't waste any time getting romanticly involved with a townie called Noria, who later moved in with them. Time will tell if Noria is officially becoming part of the family and a proper mother-figure to the boys.


 photo ScreenShot6712.jpg

Bennett was busy taking care of his alien quads and trying to tend the soup store Angeline left behind after her death. Finally, the kids grew up and Ben was as unlucky as ever, getting struck by lightning and shocked by a broken kitchen appliance.


 photo ScreenShot8585.jpg

Roux finally proposed and got married to his longtime ladyfriend Lucy. The city of Clayfield gave Roux a permission to start running a High School along with the Elementary School, which now has two new teachers after Roux hired her daughter and son-in-law to work there. Lucy got cured from being a good witch and Roux's alien daughter Dona was as adorable as always. Now she has a loving step-mom!


 photo ScreenShot8345.jpg

Marylena's baby-daddy Nitro moved in and they got engaged and then married. Nitro started running a local post office, the twins Korey and Sunday became teenagers and Marylena grew up to an elder.

Novell II

 photo ScreenShot8451.jpg

Pollyanna got to a car accident and had to stay in a brand new hospital in Clayton Village. In the meanwhile, Andre was busy taking care of their kids and running his business. Flora was a good little girl, taking care of the garden while her mom was in the hospital. After recovering, Polly grew another plantbaby called Forest. Chyna grew up to an adult and moved to Johnny's B&B, and Rocky went to college.


 photo ScreenShot8230.jpg

Back in college, Audra fell for her dormie neighbor Jesse. They started dating and fell in love. Jesse moved in, they got engaged and married at the end of the round. Both of them drop out of college. Later both of them started working as teachers at the elementary school, which is going to be passed on to Audra after her dad Roux retires from being the principal.


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Opal was busy as always, taking care of a house full of orphans. At the end of the round two orphans, Ivar and Isilme, got adopted to loving families.


 photo ScreenShot7610.jpg

Newlyweds Rhett and Debbie had their first child, Matty. Debbie started her own business, the recycling center in Clayton Village. Their little dog Filia was charming everyone in the trailer park.


 photo ScreenShot7194.jpg

A new face was introduced to Clayfield, when Benjamin moved in and started working as the pastor. He got to know Manda, an ex-orphan who just had grown up at the Teen Center and they soon fell in love. Ben proposed to her and they soon got married in Ben's church. Manda became pregnant on their wedding night and they are excited to start their own family.


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Johnny Smith moved to Clayfield to work as the banker and landlord of Clayfield City Aparments. He also rents rooms in his B&B. Chyna Novell moved in and rented a room, but it turned out to be far more than just a landlord-tenant relationship. She soon fell for this handsome, slightly older man and ended up getting pregnant after Johnny charmed her into his bed. What will happen between these two on the next round? Will Johnny be a responsible father or will Chyna become a young single mom?

Teen Center

 photo ScreenShot6374.jpg

It's a total mayhem in the Teen Center, with hormones flying and teen drama happening pretty much every day. Damani works hard to stay sane and take care of all the teens, and he's doing a pretty good job with it. Of course starting an affair with Honeybear Mifsud helps to keep him happy in his personal life aswell. His adopted son Rocky is soon going to grow up and leave the Teen Center, and Damani is not far from growing up to an elder. After he retires, Rocky is going to come back and continue working as the social worker.


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At the beginning of the round, Izumi decided to retire from the police force. Stripe sold her diner aswell, and continued to work as a chef at the City Hall. Izumi grew up to an elder and they adopted a little orphan called Isilme. Hayden grew up to an adult, started working as the city gardener and later moved out to his own place.

Troii II

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Rocky is still a true workaholic, working late in his clothing store while Chey Lee takes care of their three daughters at home. The twins Chanelle and Gisselle grew up to children and Charis grew up to a teen.

Troii III

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Elfreda became a police woman and started running the Police Station after her mother-in-law Izumi retired. They are now living in the police station's apartment. Elfy also started her own security business, selling burglar alarms and security cameras. Mervin is busy working as the fire fighter and running the Fire Station. Elfy gave birth to their first child, Robin, and we also had fun following the life of a prisoner called Murdoch Quatro.


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After moving out to his own place, Hayden continued dating Ash Novell who then became pregnant. Ash gave birth to a baby girl Beatrice, and at the end of the round they moved in with Hayden in Clayton Village, where he runs a garden shop. Will Hayden man up and start to take responsibility of his new family or will their relationship crash due to both of their commitment phobias?

Clayfield Elementary School students:

 photo ScreenShot8580.jpg

Class 1

Back: Teacher Audra Kershaw, Flora, Isilme, Matthew, Calvin, Ivar, Aretha
Middle: Opal, Jeevika, Ainslee, Dustin, Jennifer
Front: Chanelle, Jacob, Brian, Giselle, Dona, Shevon

 photo ScreenShot8581.jpg

Class 2

Back: Jeremy, C.J, Connor, Jay, Jules, Avery, teacher Jesse Kershaw
Front: Hubert, Prester, Katerina, Hanako, Cameron, Edwina

Clayfield High School students:

 photo ScreenShot8570.jpg

Standing, back: Anna, Gordon, Roy, Rocky, Fred, Michelle, Mary Kay, Lexie
Standing, front: Carlos, Leigh, Korey, David, Finley, principal Roux Novell
Sitting, back: Jager, Leelee, Callie, Dottie, Charis
Sitting, front: Zoe, Elvis, Natsumi, Sunday

Statistics from R8:

Births: 15
Adoptions: 2
Deaths: 2
New residents (Townie/CAS): 9
New residents total: 26
Playable sims total: 91

[Sims from the Orphanage and Teen Center are not included]

New households: 6
Households total: 33

New businesses: 10
Owned businesses total: 32

New institutions: 1
[Clayfield High School]
New subhoods: 1
[Clayton Village]
Taxes collected: 91 980 §
Tax refunds total: 19 510 §
City funds total: 42 470§
[after paying for Clayton Village -§150 000§]

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