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Clayfield - Round 8 - Smith

Last household of round 8!

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A new household!

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Johnny Smith
Fortune/ Popularity

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Johnny is the landlord of all the apartment buildings in Clayfield, as well as the banker.

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He lost 10 000§ but that didn't do much to his funds. He has plenty of simoleons to spare!

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In his little B&B there's 3 extra rooms for rent.

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His first rent money.

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He works at home by giving financial advices.

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First sim to move in is Ash.

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Ash invited Hayden over for a date.

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Both of them clearly have commitment issues, despite of going steady already.

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 photo ScreenShot8605.jpg
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Wow, it looks like Ash is prepared for more than just casual woohoo... This is what she bought autonomously.

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 photo ScreenShot8610.jpg

But Hayden doesn't seem to warm up to the thought of having kids.

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The next sim who rented a room is Steve Danner.
He's one of the orphans, who grew up from the Teen Center.


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He started to work in Science.

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He also took a massive loan to buy the Science Center.

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Then he hired a dormie with the best name EVER.

And now, a tour!

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 photo ScreenShot6622.jpg


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Something for the wee ones.

 photo ScreenShot6624.jpg

Several chess tables.

 photo ScreenShot6627.jpg

Some science experiments.

 photo ScreenShot6629.jpg

Telescopes to stargaze (and spy neighbors) from every direction.

 photo ScreenShot6630.jpg

The Weather Room, for watching documents and weather raports.

 photo ScreenShot6628.jpg

Cowplant farm.
Steve is also going to grow cowplants himself.

 photo ScreenShot6626.jpg

Four offices for scientists.

 photo ScreenShot6631.jpg

3rd floor

 photo ScreenShot6632.jpg

2th floor

 photo ScreenShot6633.jpg

Bottom floor

 photo ScreenShot8621.jpg

I'm sure your customers appreciate that, Steve..

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The Weather Room is quite popular already.

 photo ScreenShot8623.jpg

Steve met Branka, his old crush from the TC.
You might remember her as Kurt Novell's teenhood girlfriend.

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 photo ScreenShot8625.jpg

Steve asked her on a date.

 photo ScreenShot8626.jpg
 photo ScreenShot8627.jpg

I wonder if someone is doing some experiments with the weather machine already..

 photo ScreenShot8629.jpg

Wow, she's ready for a commitment already!

 photo ScreenShot8630.jpg

But it looks like Steve doesn't want to get married right away.

 photo ScreenShot8631.jpg

Back at home, Ash is experiencing some symptoms..

 photo ScreenShot8632.jpg

"Congrats for being so hot!"
(Johnny and Ash have 2 bolts)

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Next new resident is Chyna Novell, who just moved out of her family home.

 photo ScreenShot8634.jpg

Johnny has two bolts with her, too. This might get interesting..

 photo ScreenShot8635.jpg

Indeed, Ash is pregnant!

 photo ScreenShot8636.jpg
 photo ScreenShot8637.jpg

Hayden snuck in to bring her stereos. He clearly doesn't know that he's about to become a daddy already.

 photo ScreenShot8639.jpg

Another date.

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 photo ScreenShot8641.jpg
 photo ScreenShot8642.jpg

 photo ScreenShot8643.jpg

Steve asked Branka out again.

 photo ScreenShot8644.jpg
 photo ScreenShot8645.jpg
 photo ScreenShot8646.jpg

He also decided to propose to her.

 photo ScreenShot8647.jpg

This may come true at some point. Hmm..

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Johnny won the cooking contest!

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 photo ScreenShot8653.jpg

He also wanted to get fit.

 photo ScreenShot8654.jpg

Well, thanks!

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Ash gave birth to a girl called Beatrice.

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 photo ScreenShot8659.jpg
 photo ScreenShot8661.jpg
 photo ScreenShot8662.jpg

 photo ScreenShot8663.jpg

Steve's business is doing quite well.

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 photo ScreenShot8672.jpg

Chyna is quite attracted to her landlord.

 photo ScreenShot8673.jpg

Little Bea grew up!

 photo ScreenShot8674.jpg

And now Ash wants to have another baby!

 photo ScreenShot8675.jpg
 photo ScreenShot8676.jpg

Her face is kind of funky, but I'm sure she'll grow up to be very pretty.

 photo ScreenShot8677.jpg

Steve was able to pay off some of his loan.

 photo ScreenShot8678.jpg

On the last night, Chyna snuck in to Johnny's bedroom and got her first kiss.

 photo ScreenShot8680.jpg
 photo ScreenShot8681.jpg
 photo ScreenShot8686.jpg

And right after that, this happened.

 photo ScreenShot8688.jpg

"Wow, what happened..!?"
I'll tell you what...

 photo ScreenShot8687.jpg

Her first woohoo and she already got pregnant at age 18..

 photo ScreenShot8689.jpg

So what's going to happen between these two on the next round?
Is Johnny going to take their relationship to the next level or will Chyna become a young single mom?

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Ash and Bea moved in with Hayden to Clayton Village at the end of the round.

 photo ScreenShot8692.jpg

Steve also moved out and is now living with his fiancé.

See you on Round 9!

Game notes:
- Johnny is made by the lovely slyndsey
- Johnny's home is made by Plasticbox at MTS
- I decided to let Steve take a Maxis job only because I wanted to build him an actual workplace. Clearly being a mad scientist fits him better than being a pastor, right? ;) (I first planned to make him the pastor before Ben Shepherd moved to the town)
- Johnny's bank is still a work in progress at the moment. It's going to be an actual working community lot, as soon as I figure out how to use the bank mods and such.