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Clayfield - Round 8 - Novell

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Last time Roux gave birth to an alien daughter called Dona, Audra and Kurt grew up and went to college and the whole family was there to witness Roux and Dona's double birthday. Roux grew up to an elder and started thinking about passing the ownership of the elementary school to Audra.

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LOL... Roux has to walk around looking silly for 1 day.

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And their traits.

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So, it's time to dress up like a chicken and go on a date! Roux called Kurt to be a babysitter.

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He took his longtime ladyfriend Lucy out for some gossip and skating.

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And it looks like they are about ready to make it official.

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Kurt had a great time bonding with his little sister.

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And Dona got to know some fellow kids, like Chanelle Troii here.

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Roux asked Lucy back to his place and there they had some quality chicken time.

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After a successfull date, Lucy moved in.

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Lucy Hutchins

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Time to pop the question!

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Awww, he now has someone to talk about grilled cheese with :D

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They seem to be a perfect couple.

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And why is Marylena angry?
Roux gathered an outing group and almost forgot to go to the community lot..

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...which is of course, the city hall.

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They had a wonderful wedding, with most of the family members present.

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I bet she was in a hurry to go meet one of her lovers..

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After a long night they managed to get back home, without wetting their pants from all that toasting.

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Next day, back to school.

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The kids are enjoying the expanded school building.

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Back at home, Lucy was having a nice relaxing day cleaning the house and snuzzling with their cats.

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Sia came over and Lucy got to know her step-daughter a little better.

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Then, it was time to start another school, this time just for teens. It's also completely funded by the city, just like the elementary school.

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The Clayfield High School is right next to the elementary school.

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Rush hour!

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The High School is now rank 3 and teens are enjoying having more space to...well, be teens.

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Lucy decided she didn't want to be a witch anymore.

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She wants to ge a good mother to Dona, constantly rolling wants and interacting with her autonomously.

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At the elementary school, Roux laid off Marie Mifsud and hired Audra and her husband Jesse to work as a teachers.

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Game notes:
- Class photos can be seen in a upcoming summary post.