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Clayfield - Round 8 - Novell II

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Last time a plantbaby Flora was born, the whole family was there to see when all the kids grew up, the house got a second floor and they adopted a kitten after their cat Felix died.

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Now, this is going to be interesting!
Polly was randomly rolled as the victim and she has to stay at the hospital for 3 days.

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But atleast Andre's business is doing great.

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Howard <3

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So here she is, with a arm and leg casts.

And now, a tour of the Clayton Memorial Hospital:

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There's also a gift shop:

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And of course, the cafeteria:

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On the upper floor there's also 4 little apartments for the staff and sims who like to live with sick sims.

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Andre came to visit Polly and stopped by at the gift shop.

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Back at home, it was his turn to teach his daughter about the facts of life.

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Aaand their traits.

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The rumor about Andre's siblings failing at college has spread.

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One night, Andre took Flora out for some father-daughter quality time. First they went to get some groceries..

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...then it was game time...

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..and finally some pranks and new clothes.

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While Polly is away, Flora tends the garden after school. She does have her golden gardening badge, after all.

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Perhaps the most useful networking perk. After free gifts.

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Chyna snuck out with a townie...

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...while Andre was dreaming about handcuffs. I think he suspects something is going on!

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It was interesting that Andre's manager Devon got a free gift from Albie while they were working.
I thought only playable sims get those!

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Polly called Joelle to tell that she has to stay at the hospital for little longer, but she didn't buy it...

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The reporter isn't impressed with the hospital gift shop. Well, no wonder...Everything is expensive!

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So what is there to do in a hospital, besides watch tv in bed?

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Morty is complimenting his wife's lover. How clueless is this guy?!

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The twins came to visit Polly and it cheered her up a lot. :)

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They bought her some flowers and a teddybear.

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Still, the tv marathon continues!

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On the third day, Joelle was more understanding about Polly's absence from work.

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Later she was able to walk around with crutches.

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Then, finally she was well enough to go back home.

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She had a long story to tell to her plants.

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A+ for Chyna.

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And then, Polly decided to welcome a new member to the family.

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It's a little plantboy called Forest.

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Flora is excited to have a little brother. :)

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And then, it's time for the teens to grow up! Rocky wanted to go to college so he grew up to YA.

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His fifth trait.

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And Chyna grew up to an adult.

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Her last trait.

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Chyna moved to the Roomies household and Rocky moved in a dorm.
We will see again later this round.

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Polly is clearly relieved that there's two less kids in the house.

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Game notes:
- The Clayton Memorial Hospital is dedicated to Angeline Gallagher, who was the first sim to die from illness. It was originally built for Polly's ROS event, but now it's also a place for other sims to get well and give birth to their babies. More pictures from the hospital will be seen in a upcoming post.