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Clayfield - Round 8 - Novell-Thackray

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Last time Korey and Sunday grew up to children and Ash moved out after growing up to an adult. Marylena was busy serving *juice* to other residents of Clayfield and she invited her babydaddy Nitro over for some action.

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Oh ou...

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So it was Marylena who got sick. She can't get any medicine for 4 days...If she even makes it!

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I thought it was high time to move forward with Nitro, so Marylena invited him over.

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He brought with him a lot of stuff.

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Nitro Thackray
2-8-3-9-3, Popularity/Pleasure

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And their traits.

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A moment after engagement. LOL

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And since Marylena didn't have a fear of getting married, they tied the knot for good.

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Sunday and Korey are happy that they dad is now officially part of the family.

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Nitro quit his job and bought the post office, he is a mail man after all!
He's continuing his job in the NPC mail man career.

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Sunny wanted a pet, so they adopted Orson!

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Umm..I'm sure your customers appreciate this, Nitro.

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She's still sick but keeps jumping in puddles in her pyjamas...

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And then she got better without medicine.

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Orson <3

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Dang you Tyson! One day you are going to jail, I swear... (LOL)

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And then, after some shocking drama... We have birthdays to celebrate!

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All Marylena's siblings and Roux were there aswell.

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Korey's aspiration is Pleasure/Family

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And Sunny's is Popularity/Romance.

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I love family parties. In the game, not in real life.

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Look! Honeybear brought one of her lovers on a date!

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She's not shy telling people about her affairs..

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And Roux came to the bar aswell, to flirt with his townie girlfriend. Oh sorry, ladyfriend.

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That was close! Just when Honeybear was leaving, Morty came to have a glass of *juice*.
I swear, it's only a matter of time when she gets caught.

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Korey wants to ask the paper girl on a date.

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Sunny brought Rocky (her sister's step-brother) home from school, and even though they don't have any chemistry, she wanted to flirt with him. Those teen hormones, I guess.

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Korey managed to catch Anya during her morning rounds to chat a bit. They agreed to go out later.

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Nitro called in sick so he has time to visit his business.

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Whaat?! Teen and adult interactions are STILL disabled on ACR!!

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I swear, these teens are driving me insane sometimes..

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A customer gave Nitro the expensice tv, and who are we to say no to more money?

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Date time!

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Anya isn't impressed by the fact that Korey doesn't have a job yet.

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But they do have a crush on each other now.

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Some date night excitement for Anya.. Poor girl.

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But even after being pickpocketed and shocked she had a great time :D

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We'll have to see if their relationship goes any further.

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Nitro's post office is a success!

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It's funny to see other residents come to post crank mail for someone.

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And then, Marylena grew up to an elder.

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Game notes:
- Clayfield Post Office is build based on a lot by Plasticbox. It's also inspired by Jessa
- Marylena and Nitro's marriage is mostly because of Roux's LTW of having 6 kids married. I have a feeling, that Marylena is not able to stay faithful to Nitro either.
- Marylena took Nitro's last name, and so did the twins. For clearity's sake their updates will be named Novell-Thackray from now on.