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Clayfield - Round 8 - Novell IV

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Last time Audra and Kurt started college, Audra bootycalled a townie who rejected her and she spend a good amount of time fighting with a broken tv. Kurt moved in with his sister to an apartment on the campus.

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Their traits.

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Audra wanted to flirt up their new neighbor, Jesse. He's a YA aswell.

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They went on a date, and obviously Jesse had "the best time evarrrr".

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Due to Audra's lack of interest in studying, she failed her semester. Kurt barely made it through!

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Dad came to visit.

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Don't cry at me, why didn't you want to study a bit harder!?

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Kurt bootycalled Ruth for some distraction from slacking with his studies.

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Shake it!

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And now, Kurt is on probation aswell. Atleast Audra improved herself a litle bit.

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Sure, why not?

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It turned out that the outing group included Michelle, pregnant Emmaline and Bennett! :D

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Audra invited Jesse over for another date. They have two bolts, btw.

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And they both fell in love! It looks like Audra finally found her true love. :)

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He moved in and grew up to an adult.

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Jesse Kershaw

9-2-6-3-5, Knowledge/Fortune

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He brought with him some stuff and a job in Education career! 
Which to me means, that he wants to be a teacher just like Audra.

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Look! Neither of them failed this time! Hooray!

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And's time to head to the church...

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All family showed up and they had a good time.

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I'm not sure what business he's going to run in the future, but atleast they'll continue running the elementary school.

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Another bootycall.

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Audra learned some useful skills.

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And history repeats itself. Darn you two!
They both decided drop off, since they really didn't have much success with their studies anyway.

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Kurt moved in with Ruth. They had a private wedding in their livingroom.

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She isn't pregnant yet.

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Audra and Jesse? Well, they had a great honeymoon aswell.

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Game notes:
- Audra will become the principal of the elementary school after Roux retires. Jesse is going to be the second teacher there aswell.
- Kurt will start his own business on the next round.