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Clayfield - Round 8 - Mifsud IV

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Last time Ruth became an evil witch due to ROS, she started her own photo studio and adopted a kitty called Bob. She and Ed continued dating, and later Ruth proposed to him and Ed moved in. Our favourite burglar Murdoch came to visit at the end of the round.

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Oh crap...

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 photo ScreenShot8067.jpg

After having a good night sleep, Ed regreted getting engaged to Ruth and he cruely broke up the engagement.
It must be his Childish trait..

 photo ScreenShot8069.jpg

Poor Ruth was crushed. :( But if the other one is not ready for a total commitment, what can you do?

 photo ScreenShot8072.jpg

On top of it all, Pippin died.

 photo ScreenShot8073.jpg

But thank goodness Ruth still has Bob to keep her company.

 photo ScreenShot8074.jpg
 photo ScreenShot8075.jpg

She bought two paintings from Galen's gallery, and I have to say that she really has eye for colors.

 photo ScreenShot8076.jpg

Clearly she doesn't want to stay bitter for long.

 photo ScreenShot8077.jpg
 photo ScreenShot8079.jpg
 photo ScreenShot8080.jpg

She treated herself with a shopping spree and a new hairstyle.

 photo ScreenShot8081.jpg
 photo ScreenShot8082.jpg
 photo ScreenShot8083.jpg

Okay, and a bar night.

 photo ScreenShot8084.jpg

Since last round, she's gained a nice amount of simoleons by taking portraits!

 photo ScreenShot8085.jpg

Then she invited over an ex-class mate, Kurt.

 photo ScreenShot8086.jpg


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Before she even realized it, ACR took over completely.

 photo ScreenShot8089.jpg

Being confuced about her feelings, she slapped her head to a plate.

 photo ScreenShot8092.jpg

 photo ScreenShot8093.jpg

After getting some anger management, she was ready to ask Kurt out again.

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Things certainly seem to move fast with these two.

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However, she did have time to exercise and work after all that dating.

 photo ScreenShot8102.jpg

 photo ScreenShot8103.jpg

Couple of the townies wanted to have their portraits done.

 photo ScreenShot8104.jpg

Visiting a fishing pond, where Roux was busy serenading his ladyfriend.

 photo ScreenShot8105.jpg
 photo ScreenShot8106.jpg

One more date, and Ruth and Kurt fell in love.

 photo ScreenShot8108.jpg

It's impossible to resist such a strong chemistry.

 photo ScreenShot8109.jpg

 photo ScreenShot8110.jpg

 photo ScreenShot8111.jpg

So since they BOTH wanted to get engaged, Ruth popped the question.

 photo ScreenShot8112.jpg
 photo ScreenShot8113.jpg

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They'll get married later this round, but first I have to play with Kurt's household.

 photo ScreenShot8115.jpg

After all that happend to Ruth this round, I'm glad to see her so happy!


So, what happened with Ed?

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He moved into a dorm and heard that his good friend Kurt was going to marry Ruth.
There was no hard feelings between these two. After all, Ed wasn't ready for marriage and Kurt is.

 photo ScreenShot8117.jpg

One of Ed's dormies is called C.J. O'Mara. O'MARA!!

 photo ScreenShot8119.jpg

ROS for Ed's round.

 photo ScreenShot8121.jpg
 photo ScreenShot8122.jpg

Ha. He got struck by lightning and peed himself. Well, you get what you asked for, dude!

 photo ScreenShot8123.jpg

Another dormie suffered from the same storm.

 photo ScreenShot8124.jpg

 photo ScreenShot8125.jpg

 photo ScreenShot8126.jpg

 photo ScreenShot8127.jpg

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I'm not sure if I already showed you his traits, so here you go.

 photo ScreenShot8130.jpg

 photo ScreenShot8131.jpg

He managed to go check his business once. He'll have to wait to buy the second business after he graduates (or drops out).

 photo ScreenShot8133.jpg

Two of the dormies were busy using the only double bed in the dorm.

 photo ScreenShot8134.jpg
 photo ScreenShot8135.jpg

This is a dormie called Gandalf. Not kidding!

 photo ScreenShot8136.jpg

 photo ScreenShot8138.jpg

After his first semester, Ed didn't roll wants to study at all. Which shows in his grades.

 photo ScreenShot8139.jpg
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All he wants to do is play computer games and darts.

 photo ScreenShot8142.jpg

Thinking about his nephew who he has never met.

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By going to classes autonomously, he's barely making through semesters without failing.

 photo ScreenShot8144.jpg

He wanted to go fishing, and at the pond he saw how the Social Worker was romancing the Mayor..

 photo ScreenShot8145.jpg

...and how Honeybear was having a "meeting" with one of her lovers.

 photo ScreenShot8146.jpg

 photo ScreenShot8148.jpg

He has couple bolts with Audra, so they went on a date.

 photo ScreenShot8149.jpg


 photo ScreenShot8150.jpg
 photo ScreenShot8151.jpg

 photo ScreenShot8152.jpg

 photo ScreenShot8153.jpg

They had a good time, but I don't see him getting more involved with her either.

 photo ScreenShot8154.jpg

There's nothing surprising about this.

 photo ScreenShot8155.jpg

 photo ScreenShot8156.jpg
 photo ScreenShot8157.jpg

Bad luck with Mother Nature, I'd say.

 photo ScreenShot8158.jpg

And he still plays that darn thing!

 photo ScreenShot8159.jpg

We'll have to wait until next round to see, if Ed manages to graduate or not.

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