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Clayfield - Round 8 - Mifsud III

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Last time Marie gave birth to a boy called Connor. Galen was busy making paintings for his gallery and Elmo got sprayed by a skunk. The whole family went to visit Galen's parents.

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Ruth came to buy couple of her brother's paintings.

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Ah, burgers!

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Marie became pregnant again.

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She went to check out her mother-in-law's new games arcade since Galen had to stay home with Connor.

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They live right next to the new bus station.

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Yeah, you know who to blame for that..

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One of Marie's traits is Gambling Problem, which means that she obviously couldn't stay away from the arcade.

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I thought this was hilarious... She has three bolts with Harry!

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The mean landlady keeps entertaining us (and annoying every sim who walks by).

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Connor grew up!

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Too bad that he's not going to enjoy swimming. :P

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Pop#1 for the second baby.

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He's a cutie pie <3

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They talked about going on a vacation when winter comes.

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Little makeover for Marie.

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Then they went to the beach. Even though Connor is afraid of water, he still enjoys other beach activities.

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(Sorry for spamming, but I really like how this lot came together. BTW, that building in the back is a changing booth, very common on public beaches in this part of the world)

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Marie supports her husband's passion for art. It's great that he can earn living by doing something that he loves.

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And then, a baby girl Keighley was born!

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Roux was fascinated by the abduction painting, which made me LOL.

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And he actually bought it!

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Elfy bought a painting to decorate her office with.

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Connor brought home an orphan called Hanako.

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Keighley grew up and she looks a lot like Connor, except she has Galen's nose and grandma Honeybear's eyes.

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Obligatory PT faces <3

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