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Clayfield - Round 8 - Mifsud II

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Last time Finley grew up to a child and Lush gave birth to another girl called Avery. Our favourite burglar, Murdoch, tried to break into their apartment. Lush was busy with giving bad makeovers in her salon and Devon won the cooking competition.

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Haha. Woohoo 4 times.

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But first, we celebrate Finley's birthday!

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Her aspiration is Pleasure/Family.

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So, they were say the least.

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So busy that Devon had to call in sick the next day. LOL

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Not really, he had to stay home to take care of Avery since Lush was going to work.

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I see that your wish is about to come true, dear.

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Poor Morty...He has no idea.

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Mr Smith keeps stealing newspapers.

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And here's the first pop, which is not the result of eating too many strawberry pancakes.

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Finley went to her grandma's store to buy a cellphone.

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She also met Leigh at the playground on her way home. He's one of future TC residents.

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Avery grew up!

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Shake that thing!

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Ah, those pleasant moments of being a parent. No privacy.

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A new hairdo and clothes to cheer her up.

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And then, baby boy Jason was born!

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Jason grew up and he's adorable!
His traits are Green Thumb (Devon) and Technology Lover (Lush).

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At this point I noticed that I didn't have many pictures of Devon, so him sleep!

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 photo ScreenShot7998.jpg

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And at the end of the round, Lush adopted an adorable little stray dog.

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