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Clayfield - Round 8 - Mifsud

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Last time the family moved from a city center close to the beach and Honeybear started her own garden. Ruth grew up to an adult and moved out and Morty got abducted and pregnant. Later baby boy Hubert was born, Honeybear continued her affair with a employee and grew up to an elder. There was also some visiting relatives and family parties. Their cat Alia passed away and they adopted another one called Belina.

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It's a new day at the electronics store, and Honeybear now sells the most awesome remote control toy ever (LOL).

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After Hilary passed away, Albie is now in charge of crafting robots.

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She hired Elvis to work as a restocker, just like his sister used to do.

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Thanks for the money, Albie.

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A double birthday! First Hubert...

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...and then Morty!

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It looks like the family didn't have such a good time after all. Haha.

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Honeybear continues to attack weeds.

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...and warming up the bench after work.

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And Morty is still obliviously working at home.

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Wow, everything matches! It was unintentional, I swear.

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Still giving financial advices online. It actually pays quite well.

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Belina <3

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Welcome to Honey Games!

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These two were all over each other..

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So, now she has two lovers.

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While Honeybear is *working*, Morty and Hubert take care of the garden.

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Another teen, Leigh , was hired to work as a cashier.

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A cute little stray dog was sniffing around their yard...

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..and Morty decided to adopt her.

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She's a cutie!

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They went shopping for toys and noticed, that the toy store is still glitched. Atleast they were able to leave the lot!

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On the last day they went to the beach.

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There they saw how the Social Worker got her first kiss with the Mayor. :D

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Game notes:
- I'm very curious to see if/when Morty finds out that Honeybear has several lovers behind his back.. :P