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Clayfield - Round 8 - DeCarlo

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Last time Sidley drowned and Joe became a widower with two underaged kids. Joelle grew up to a teen, who inherited her mother's magic skills. Elvis grew up to a child and they visited other family members. Joelle was desperately looking for someone to go steady with.

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Dice rolled Joelle to be the one using matchmaker's services. She can pay only 400§. :D

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She also quit her teenhood job.

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She still hasn't found that special someone.

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The family felt like moving to Clayton Village after Sidley's death, so they now have their own house.

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This picture says it all...

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So Joelle grew from a desperate teen to a beautiful adult. She didn't want to go to college.

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Meeting a townie, who was not impressed. Poor girl.

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At the magic shop, there's all kinds of weird sims coming to buy potions.

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The NPC witch actually came to use Joelle's cauldron!

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At the city hall, Lexie is still flirting with every teen boy in the world.

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Don't even think about it, Jeremy!

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Elvis managed to distract his nephew by throwing baseballs at him. It's funny that they really are almost the same age.

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And then he grew up to be a Fortune/Knowledge teen.

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It was also Joe's birthday.

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At the end of the week they wanted to enjoy a warm summer night by going to the beach.

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Hilda just sat there, watching waves. <3 She's so precious!

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Game notes:
- I decided to use the standard Maxis career with Joe, since there's actually a real job as a Mayor so he's now making nice amount of money. The City Hall went through some changes, when it also became the Court House of Clayfield. Pictures will come later.
- Joelle continues to live with her family. She doesn't seem quite so independent to me, that she would move out at this point.