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Clayfield - Round 8 - Never IV

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Last time Zoran was working hard in his flower store and trying to decide, if he wants to have an affair or not. Jam gave birth to baby boy Cameron and later became pregnant via risky woohoo.

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Oh crap, here we go again..

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But we start with Zoran, being happy and content with making flower arrangements.

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And he's happy to become a father again!

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Jam is amused to watch Klutz play.

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Cameron got to know Finley from next door and they are on the way of becoming best friends.

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Poor kid..

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I still love the his coloring.

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Baby time!

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It's another boy, called Chance.

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After giving birth Jam collapsed and died from starvation. :(

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Zoran bought her a burial plot at the cemetery.

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But...He didn't waste time wanting to find a new love.

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So he's now a single dad with two kids to look after.

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Chance grew up to look extremely cute.

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Even after just becoming a widower, he wants to have another child!

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Auntie Joelle came to visit.

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Zoran desperately wanted to meet someone, so he went to Marylena's bar where he met a townie called Noria.
She's the one who Zoran's brother Aden was flirting with couple updates back!

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Thanks for the money!

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Soon enough he had a crush on her, and wanted to ask her out again.

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Cameron is missing his mom. :( He sometimes goes to sleep on her side of the bed.

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Another date and Zoran is on a roll of being clumsy with his attempts.

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It was surprising to see, how well Noria gets along with the kids! She even plays with them autonomously.

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And cleans the house!

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After another hot date, she moved in.

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So here she is, Noria Bhugwana.
Her aspiration is Romance/Fortune.

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And they have three bolts with Zoran!

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At the end of the round Zoran asked her to go steady. After all, they are already living together!

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Atleast now Cameron and Chance will have another mother-figure.

Game notes:
- It was sad to see Jam go, but I'm glad that Cameron inherited her looks so that her genes can be passed on.
- Next round we'll see if Zoran wants to make a total commitment to Noria or if they want to keep a more open relationship. Noria does have the commitment issues trait, so they might just continue living together and not get married.