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Clayfield - Round 8 - Never III

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Last time Toby was busy running the grocery store, tending his garden and becoming a werewolf. Sia became pregnant and graduated from college. She gave birth to a baby girl named Aretha, who later got a sibling after Toby adopted little Jeevika from the orphanage.

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Ah, the joys of everyday living.

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The girls are still cute!

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And Toby spends his early morning hours tending his plants.

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There's a tiny little playground at the grocery store now! Korey was the first one to test it out.

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Sia had to go back to work after her maternity leave so she invited her dad over to watch after the kids.

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They are really enjoying their grandpa's company.

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The house had to be expanded, so they have a second floor now.

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Sia quit her job at Honor's store. She has another plan in mind.

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Toby went shopping for some groceries and garden supplies.

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And of course, we need some pictures of Harry!

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Wish granted!

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They now have a chipmunk called Jerry.

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Nestor likes to harass him...

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...poor little thing!

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The girls grew up.

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Toby took a little loan and bought his second business, a burger restaurant!

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Cookies for those who see where the name came from!

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This townie cracks me up every time I see her!

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And burgers are going like...well, burgers. :)

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And look, even the ice cream guy comes here to eat lunch!

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Nestor grew old.

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Soon Toby was able to pay off his loan.

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There was a lot of belly bumbs after eating all those burgers! We seriously need more gyms.

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Jeevika became friends with Dustin.

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And Toby decided to paint his car black.

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Later they went to the photo studio to get a family portrait, and when they were leaving Lexie was once again charming someone.
I swear, this girl flirts with every boy in this town!

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Game notes:
- I finally came up with the idea for Sia's career, and you'll see in a future update later this round what that is.