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Clayfield - Round 8 - Never II

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Last time both Aden and Honor were busy with their businesses. Honor also gave birth to baby boy Jay and spent some time spying neighbors. Aden's car dealership proved to be the most successful business in the whole town. Honor became pregnant again.

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Haha. ROS for this round. Aden has to flirt with a random walk-by 17 times!

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So, before we go into flirting...Let's sell some more cars and bikes!

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Jay grew up!

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Right after his dad returned home from work, Jay started asking some tough questions.

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Honor gave birth to another boy, called Jeremy.

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Honor's store is filled with customers, and some of them are quite questionable.
I mean, Ash is buying baby supplies? Is this romance sim planning to get pregnant?
And Roux? Not planning another alien abduction, I hope!

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Jay brought Jacob Dingwall home from school, and met also Ainslee Nova.

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Jeremy grew up!

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Brothers. First some teasing, then affection.

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With two kids and two businesses, they have to schedule time for each other.

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It's a new day at Honor's store. And Hayden needs a potty!

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And look, even Nitro is buying cribs!

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It was fun to see that both Tyson and his wife came shopping together.

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Like his wife, Aden is also rather fond of spying neighbors.

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Their mean landlady even came to instruct him with his hobby! :o
Well, she's an expert on annoying other sims, that's for sure.

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Cutie <3

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Aden needed to use his fingers when helping Jay with his math homework.

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Aww <3

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I'm sure Jeremy smelled that, too...

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Jeremy's personality. Where Jay is lazy and very playful, Jeremy is more active and serious.

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Stop teasing your brother!!

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Honor's store reached level 3.

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And the reporter gave her the award and good review...again.

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Seriously Morty, one more kick and you'll spend the night in jail!

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I almost forgot...the ROS!

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So while Honor was at work, Aden met this cute walk-by called Noria.

 photo ScreenShot7674.jpg

Umm... No.

 photo ScreenShot7675.jpg

He wolf whistled Noria 17 times, which (thankfully) didn't do much to their relationship. No crushes or anything.

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Then he met Ash, who was also walking by and stopped to play some basket ball. And that's the first thing he said to her!

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Stopping by at the grocery store to meet his brother Toby.

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...and selling a car to a townie that keeps amusing me with her presence.

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Sims are really spending money here!

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"Look mom, I got a A+!"

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Jay is super neat, which is helpful since he runs around cleaning everything autonomously.

 photo ScreenShot7685.jpg

...I don't think you should be running in your condition, Dorris!

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And finally, it's Jeremy's birthday!

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 photo ScreenShot7690.jpg
 photo ScreenShot7691.jpg
 photo ScreenShot7692.jpg
 photo ScreenShot7693.jpg

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Honor became pregnant by risky woohoo. Just when I thought that two kids are enough for these two!

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But I guess it's now Jeremy's turn to get to tease a younger sibling.

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At the end of the round they visited the photo studio to get some family photos.

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...and back at home Honor tossed her cookies.

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