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Clayfield - Round 8 - Robertshaw

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Last time Rhett and his girlfriend Debbie moved into a trailer park in Clayton Village. Debbie became pregnant by risky woohoo, and they got engaged and married. She also tried to run a cooking contest business but failed. Their dog, Filia, charmed every neighbor and walk-by with her cuteness!

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Filia <3

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Lucy, Roux Novell's townie girlfriend, moved next door to the Robertshaw's.

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They are looking forward to have their first child.

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Rhett is very sloppy, and this is what he leaves behind with his 1 neat point.

 photo ScreenShot7537.jpg
 photo ScreenShot7538.jpg

Ah, burnt waffles.

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The mean landlady keeps harrassing Hayden.

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Debbie didn't get a chance to get to know their neighbors earlier, so she introduces herself to Hayden.

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As being a hopeless romantic, she enjoys her novels quite a bit.

 photo ScreenShot7544.jpg

One of their neighbors... xD

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And then, a baby boy was born! They named him Matty.

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Hayden was hanging outside a lot and I happened to check his wants.
I guess he really likes Filia! But who wouldn't?! :D

 photo ScreenShot7557.jpg

Darn that woman.

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One day Debbie met the pastor's wife, Manda.
They had a long discussion about environmental issues and agreed, that Clayfield needs a recycling center.

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Rhett went to buy some baby supplies and met Harry, who was once again shopping there.

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Matty grew up! And he's a real cutie pie. :)

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Those cheeks! <3

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Someone has been kicking the trashcan again, and Debbie had to call the landlady to get rid of roaches.

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Then, Debbie took a loan and bought the recycling center. She is, after all, very passionate about environment.

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On her way to the business she almost got knocked down by a hail storm. Just her luck!

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She sells solar panels, windmills and composts, and later she'll buy and sell used furniture from other residents.
Some residents will donate their stuff to the recycling center.

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Rhett took a day off to be with Matty when Debbie was working.

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And then, they finally had a chance to go out after Hayden agreed to babysit Matty.

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What!? You're supposed to watch after their son, dude!

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 photo ScreenShot7594.jpg

 photo ScreenShot7595.jpg

 photo ScreenShot7598.jpg
 photo ScreenShot7599.jpg

Did I mention, that one of her traits is Unlucky?

 photo ScreenShot7600.jpg
 photo ScreenShot7602.jpg
 photo ScreenShot7603.jpg

But luckily she has enough body points to kick Charlatan's butt.

 photo ScreenShot7604.jpg
 photo ScreenShot7605.jpg
 photo ScreenShot7606.jpg
 photo ScreenShot7607.jpg

In the meanwhile, Hayden is babysitting Matty. He even took the trash out!

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Rhett decided to start collecting fish. Good for you, I guess.

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