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The Tarina Legacy 3.6

...It's been over a year and finally, here's a new Tarina update!

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Featuring sims by boolpropped , huning , miss_essa and sixamsims

Last time Asia grew up to an adult and took over the family businesses and later moved out to her own place. Arianna grew up to a teen and they adopted two dogs, Tilly and Lars. Cesarina started college.

You'll also might remember that we had a heir poll and the winner is... Cesarina!

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Ah, it's a new day for the Tarina's.

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Everyone loves their new dogs, they both are such cutie pies.

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Basil and Poppy are still all over each other.

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Girl, don't pick your nose on camera!

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Arianna <3

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And then, the puppies were born and everyone was so excited. Their names are Buck and Jilly.

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Argh, I hate this glitch...

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Emilio and Gaia are still going strong.

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Basil likes his wife's new hair style.

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And then, Arianna grew up and moved out.

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And the pups grew up! This is Jilly..

 photo ScreenShot1341.jpg

...and this is her cranky brother Buck. Both of them were put up for adoption.

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Basil visited the barber aswell.

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Emilio looks mighty charming in his uniform.

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I don't remember why they were late, but most likely they had trouble getting out of bed in time..

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Asia came to visit.

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And Poppy brought miss_essa 's Damani home from work.

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It's time to find a mate for our heiress! This is Flinders Garrison (sixamsims ), who she has two bolts with.

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Look at her flirty face xD

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And she finally got her first kiss.

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More puppies!

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Just strolling by.

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Basil and Poppy finally had time to go on a date.

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Aww, a romantic dinner.

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Gaia and Emilio were hugging and caressing each other most of the time.
I think Gaia can sense something, just look at her sad expression..

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 photo ScreenShot1374.jpg

...because that night was her last one with the love of her life.

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 photo ScreenShot1376.jpg

Although Emilio seemed willing to find someone else right after Gaia passed away...

 photo ScreenShot1377.jpg

...Deep down he was heartbroken.

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Poppy doesn't seem to approve her husbands sorrow.

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That night was also Basil's birthday.

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What's the matter with this family!?!

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With age, Basil seems to forget how to enter the hot tub.

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Cesarina hopes to see her grandma as a star in the sky.

 photo ScreenShot1389.jpg

Poppy finds her newly-aged husband as charming as ever.

 photo ScreenShot1390.jpg

And Cesarina is having some quality time in the bathroom.

Next time we'll hopefully get to see her start her own family!

Game notes:
- I was trying to decide whether or not to return to the Tarina Legacy after such a long hiatus, but I just can't abandon them entirely. I don't think I'll post Tarina updates very often, but you'll still see them now and then. :)