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Clayfield - Round 8 - Dingwall

I realized that I'm 20 (!!) posts behind with the BACC updates... Whoops! O_o

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Last time Blair Dingwall grew up from the Teen Center and moved out with his BFF Vince Hardie. He also bought a rollerskating rink, and later engaged and married his teenhood sweetheart Christa, who was also living in TC. Christa became pregnant and they moved out to their own house.

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They had to live without electricity for just one day.

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Dingwalls were eager to move to the quiet corner of Clayton Village.

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Blair's business now has outdoor tables and the customers are enjoying having hot dogs after they skate and fall on their butts.

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His new traits. The color-blind trait is reflected in his outfit aswell.

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Other sims are still having fun :)

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And the teens are desperately flirting with everyone.

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Back at home, Christa has just returned home from working at the toy store.

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She wanted to start her own garden and luckily their new house has a little greenhouse.

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And the burglars keep walking by... Very suspicious!

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Blair went to buy some baby supplies on his way to home from work. After all, Christa is about to go into labor soon.

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It was a looong day for him.

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A little makeover.

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Oh no...

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Don't let these pictures fool you. They had QUADS! All boys, two with both kinds of genetics.

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So off to the baby store he goes again...

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Just for laughs. Don't they look miserable?! :D

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Christa: "Hon, could we just hop on a train and...go on a vacation?"

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I understand your feeling..

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And this too!

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And now: Toddler Spam! Say hello to Matthew...

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...and Brian.

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Their house was expanded and now the boys are completely taking over the upstairs.

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But they are cute!

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Blairs business is thriving and sims are still flying.

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Our favourite bigfoot is still having problems with plates..

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<3 :D

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Christa stayed home from work to take care of the kids.
When boys are taking naps, she escapes the Toddler Mayhem to her garden.

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And finally they all grew up! What a relief!

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Game notes:
- Christa's LTW is to join Medical career, so she'll start working at the newly build Hospital in Clayton Village.