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Clayfield - Round 8 - Hardie

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Last time Vince Hardie grew up in the Teen Center and moved in with his best friend Blair Dingwall. He also engaged and married his teenhood sweetheart Celeste, who became pregnant on their wedding night.

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Vince was randomly rolled to be the sim sleeping in the cemetery for 4 days.

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At the beginning of the round, the Hardies moved to Clayton Village and Vince bought the local grocery store.

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Sims from the main hood like to visit Vince's store, too!

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At home, Celeste is eating burned eggs and enjoying the company of Duke.

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Murdoch! You're supposed to be in jail!

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Then, it was time for Vince to go and spend his nights in the cemetery.

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Never had this happen before! I think he got 1 000§.

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In the mean while, Celeste's belly is getting bigger.

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With the extra money Vince was able to pay back some of his loan he took to buy the business.

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And Clayton Groceries seems to be a big success!

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What would this update be without Harry tickling other elders? He's sure making most of his Social Butterfly trait!

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Another night at the cemetery. This time Vince got poison ivy.

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Ghosts are showing up again. It was my first time seeing ghost pets play together.

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But atleast Vince didn't feel lonely that night. Look at all the sims who came there!

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Back at home, Celeste went into labor.

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It's a boy called Lou.

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...who seems to be into cars from the minute he was born!

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Another payment for his loan.

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Customers keep coming, and some of them even spend a good amount of money there.

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Stripe and Honeybear have heard rumors that there's going to be a hospital in Clayton Village.

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Duke passed away. :(

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They burried him to the cemetery, next to other pets.

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Birthday sparkles for Lou!

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..and he still wants his own car.

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They started autonomously TFB.

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Look at that adorable face!

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The local teens are enjoying hanging out at the store.

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Wow, this boy sure has interesting wants!

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Greeting a green walk-by.

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She ended up arguing with him quite a while.

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Well, one of her traits IS Social Disaster.

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Whaat? Another burglar! This doesn't seem such a safe neighborhood after all.. :o

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Lou's traits are Coward (Celeste) and Lucky (Vince).

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Celeste became pregnant again.

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One day Vince's BFF Blair stopped by at the store.

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The reporter came to visit and gave Vince a sturdy lecture. It must have been because he kept staring at her chest..

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Umm... Yeah...

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Back at home, Lou was busy making a mess in the bathroom... Which seemed to make Celeste furious!

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Almost forgot to tell you Vince's traits. They are Lucky, Slob, Born Salesman, Couch Potato and Technology Lover.

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Celeste loves to do crossword puzzles.

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And here's Pop #1.

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At the end of the round, Vince had paid off his entire loan!

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Game notes:
- Celeste continues to work at Harry's Farm Goods.