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Clayfield - Round 8 - Bigfoot

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Oh no... :(

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Harry started selling juice squeezers. It was about time!

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He also hired Rocky (Ash's brother) to work as a restocker.

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The business got expanded so that they now have a break room upstairs.

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Rich keeps throwing fits everytime he needs to clean something. That's 0 neat points for you.

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Whaat? Murdoch. You can't be walking the kitty. You are in prison!

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Lexie's birthday!

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Her aspiration is Family/Romance.

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I failed to take a pic of her full traits. They are Bookworm, Angler, Family Oriented and now Natural Born Performer.

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Let's see if we manage to actually fulfill this want. Never done that before!

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Sweetheart, you're supposed to eat the cupcake, not your hand..

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One night something went wrong while Hilary was recharging herself and she died.

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It wasn't until morning when Harry realized what happened to his wife.

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Oh look, it's little Dustin! Browsing a fish that's almost the same size as he is..

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And Dustin doesn't seem happy about the service, either.

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Harry hired also Zoe Bennett to work as a second restocker.

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He's a much nicer reporter. Thanks a lot!

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Now that Hilary is gone, the kids have to work even harder in the garden.

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Darn breaking robots!

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Aaand we'll have more puppies!

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Harry's Farm Goods finally reached level 10!

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Harry wanted to start another business, so he bought a small market place in Clayton Village.

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Oh, and here are Harry's traits.

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Familiar faces from Clayfield come to buy from Harry's little farmers market.

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I know... darn those robots again!

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Male puppy was named Radar and female Okra.

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Emma came to visit = Family Fun

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It's Rich's turn to grow up.

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He didn't want to go to college, so here he is as an adult.

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Pups grew up aswell. I love that they have Donny's coloring!
Both of them are now waiting for new homes.

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As a birthday gift, Harry gave the ownership of the larger business to Rich.

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Game notes:
- Hilary got randomly rolled as the victim of ROS this round. I'm just glad that it wasn't Harry!