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Clayfield - Round 8 - Shepherd

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It's time to get to know the newest resident!

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Benjamin Shepherd is the new pastor in Clayfield. He owns the town church and cemetery.
Aspiration: Knowledge/Family

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First Ben went to a new park where he met some of Clayfield's notable residents.

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Having lunch at the City Hall, where Mayor Joe stole his plate!

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He loves animals, so adopting a kitten was one his first wants.

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Ah, fresh croissants!

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Ben will be tending the cemetery, which is already the final resting place for quite a few sims and pets.

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On the first night ghosts were loose! Angie and Nat were crying over being dead..

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...and they were scaring the pee out of Ben and the visitors with one of the ghost dogs.

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Gila grew up.

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I think he wants to get some fresh fish for his kitty.

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Having his first sermon.

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As being partly Family sim, he wanted desperately to fall in love.
Then he met Manda, one of the former orphans who moved out from the Teen Center just recently.

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WOW, three bolts!

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They had a wonderful first date, where nothing naughty happened. He's a priest after all!

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Ben works as a prison chaplain at the moment.

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Date #2

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Gila enjoys her fish.

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Manda started cleaning autonomously :D

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And soon she was ready to move forward with Ben.

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On the last day they were married in the church.

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Most of the other residents came as guests.

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Manda is a Family/Romance sim.

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And on their wedding night she became pregnant.

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Game notes:
- As I probably mentioned before, sims will pay Benjamin for burial plots and space in the mausoleum. Regular outdoor burial plots cost 3 000§, placing an urn to mausoleum costs 2 000§ and moving a pet grave costs 1 000§.
- Benjamin works in a custom Pastor career, while Manda is currently unemployed. I have plans to make her a family therapist on the next round, using the couples counselling skill from AL.
- The mausoleum is inspired by TheJessaChannel
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