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Clayfield - Round 8 - Bennett

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Tyson got bitten by the gardening bug.

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Kitty and Ty's new traits.

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Kitty quit her job at the soup shop.

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Now she has more time to work at the bakery, which is filled with delicious goodies.

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Eating burnt cake for lunch. Yum.

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She hired Michelle Gallagher to work as a restocker.

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First, Alia+Baron.

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Ty got his garden, and was so busy with it that he almost missed his daughters A+'s.

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I feel someone staring..

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 photo ScreenShot6988.jpg

From this...

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 photo ScreenShot6990.jpg

To these! First one is called Nugget, and the second one is Smokey. :D

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ACR all the way.

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Kitty wanted to try her luck with the cooking contest, and she won.

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Sure, let's try that.

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Meeting neighbors.

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Kitty keeps TFB. Not sure how I feel about that.

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Alia+Duke puppies!

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 photo ScreenShot7008.jpg
 photo ScreenShot7009.jpg
 photo ScreenShot7010.jpg

Aww, little Dustin came to buy some cake!

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I have a feeling that Elfreda came to buy doughnuts...

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Tyson met Pastor Benjamin, who recently moved to the city.

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He also became Benjamin's first friend. :)

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Oh, did I mention? Kitty became pregnant again!

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Puppies grew up. They're called Sasha, Stella and Noel.

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 photo ScreenShot7027.jpg


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Pop #2

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 photo ScreenShot7030.jpg

 photo ScreenShot7031.jpg


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And now you fear of having a baby???

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Cake Time! First is Zoe.

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Then Callie.

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This is what Ty managed to dig up during this round.

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The reporter wasn't impressed, though.

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Oh no...

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Two boys! The one with black eyes is called Jon and the other one is Jadyn.

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Then they moved into a larger house.

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The boys grew up and finally we have someone with Kitty Ears!

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Jadyn is a cutie pie, too but I have to favor Jon because of his ears. Sorry baby.

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